Monday, August 20, 2007

Nuvaring Industrial

I spent a lovely day last Friday shooting an industrial for Nuvaring.

There were pages and pages and pages and pages of copy. THANK GOODNESS I had a teleprompter, and the BEST teleprompter girl in the WORLD...she was excellent at pacing it for me....and SUPER fast with the last minute changes that she had to find and retype. I got to shoot scenes in a giant house in New Jersey...It only took 2 1/2 hours to get home. Thanks for the conversation Tftcarrie.

I had scenes in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room, and outside in the yard. During that scene, we were minutes away from a HUGE downpour. I had to stop several times for sound purposes, because the thunder was so loud. We made it inside just as it started dripping, and then a shower like I had not seen since the week before, came pouring down on us. Thankfully the pounding rain did not affect our sound on the inside for the last few pages.

I ended up wearing this outfit:

It was perfect because it looked like the signature, Nuvaring Blue (like the posters you see in the background on Grey's Anatomy), and the shots were all 3/4 so the shorts actually looked like pants.

If you haven't experienced the Nuvaring Website yet, you simply must. If you click here, make sure you click on the little box at the right that says ASK NUVARING.COM. That was seriously the most difficult shoot I had done to date (b/c of content), so I had that out of the way, and was totally fine on Friday. "Vagina" might as well have been "Diet Coke with Lime", THAT'S how comfortable I was with saying it over and over and over again.

I spent so much time thinking about Nuvaring on Friday, that the Orgenan peops will be happy to know that I have just about convinced MYSELF that I should try it. Wouldn't that be funny if it DIDN'T work for the Nuvaring girl? Well, funny for the whole world, but not for me. Let Freedom Ring.


knittingirl said...

Let me know how Nuvaring works for you - I've been thinking of trying it myself... and I'll be sending your orajel PROOF today!

vicki said...

you are so tiny, you make me jealous! even in white pants, the least slimming for most, you look like a size two! you lucky girl! i had my daughter, maggie, around the same time you had olive, and i def. do not look that good! boo!!! anyways~ yay for your job! can't wait to see it!

marian said...

Well, I'm a Nuvaring convert (from the pill) so your adventures in ringland have brought at least one new customer to the fold. :-)

Crazymamaof6 said...

i tried nuvaring and had a reaction and had to take it out the same day. it was probably just an anxiety attack but i had heart attack symptoms. not good. and so i am still without fabulous carefree birth control. dang! but i have tons of other issues so just because it didn't work out for me shouldn't stop anyone. my sister loves it!

Kage said...

knitting girl, thanks....they are getting closer....will be sure to let you know the result
vicki, girl....that weight did not come down as easily as with baby #1....and I have gotten rid of MANY bottoms lately b/c it's creeping up a bit.'d think going off Ben & Jerry's for my cholesterol would have helped...but no.

marian, how ya likin it?

crazymama....yes, recently someone is suing Nuvaring for wrongful death, but there is a risk of that for ALL hormonal birth control, so doesn't seem quite fair.

ERIN said...

Cute outfit Kristy. I am loving your shirt especially. Those sleeves are fantastic! Where did you buy it?

"A" squared said...

have been trying out the Nuvaring for the last two months.. I'm a fan! Thanks cousin kage! ;)