Friday, August 03, 2007

Parts Modeling

For some reason I was recently reminded about my first PARTS modeling go-see, a few years ago...

I am pretty sure my agents told me it would be a picture of my hands. In general I keep my manicure up quite well, so I took a look at my hands and thought they looked ok. I got there, and in walked this very stiff-looking, high-brow posture model, with white gloves on her hands. She sat there with the gloves on in a haughty manner.

I tried not to be intimidated, but I was. In an effort to possibly win over her, I put on some lotion. I told myself that maybe the client was looking for a REAL-looking hand, as opposed to a perfectly manicured professional hand. I wasn't too heart-broken when I didn't get the job. But it made me interested about the PARTS modeling world.

A few months after that casting, I had a foot one. I made sure my pedicure was looking good, and I went in and told my feet to smile. I got put on hold! I was pretty excited, because I know this sounds strange, but I have always been happy with the feet I ended up with. I like how my toes go from large to small, in order, and one toe doesn't jut past my big toe. I got all puffed up about being a parts model for feet, and then I found out it was an advertisement for some toe treatment, and I think I was going to be the ailing foot, or the before-the-treatment foot. I guess my feet aren't as pretty after all.


Anonymous said...

It's funny, I love my feet too and they are the opposite of yours! My second toe is longer than the big one (something they call "Greek Feet", and I am half Greek so it makes me proud!), and my big toe is SUCH a funny shape, but I've never seen anyone with a toe like that (except my Daddio :) - I like that my feet are unique (but still pretty). Just felt like sharing! Have a great day, and I really hope you are feeling better.

Rachel H said...

That's so funny- one time I got called in to my agent to take a picture of my hands and feet for a parts job. I have always liked my hands- long, slender, nice nails. No callback! But my feet, on the other hand- HA! long and gangly toes have I~! And I did NOT get called to model my feet! Actually I thought I heard that real feet models were usually like a small size like a 5 or 6? I am a long narrow 8 1/2.