Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Just when I thought I knew a lot about the industry, another door opens.

This past week I worked the Showroom for a popular brand of khaki-makers here in NYC. I had never been exposed to showroom modeling before, and since those of you who read the blog seem to be interested in the industry, here is the run down.

In this particular showroom, there were manniquens and displays everywhere exhibiting the clothes, shoes and accessories of the line. There were rooms that were seperated, cubicle style, meaning the walls did not extend all the way to the ceiling. Each room varied in size from small to large, had a large table and many wire racks of clothes around the perimeter, as well as on wire grid walls, where let's say, 4 pairs of pants, all in a different color, could be hung up overlapping each other.

My job was to sit in a secluded area with a few racks of clothes, and wait until it was time to model them. Each salesperson had a list of about 20 to 30 outfits to choose from and they would order them for their needs in the meeting. Sometimes they wanted 5 outfits, sometimes 15 etc. After a few days of trying on, each model knew what she looked best in, and what the president of the company thought she looked best in. There was a lot of downtime, which was good for me when I was still dizzy for a few days of it, but the work itself got a little tedious...on again, off again, hurry up, wait, smile, oh, your missing a button...whoops.

What I found most fascinating was the dynamic between salesperson and vendor. Some vendors were so kind and nice and said EVERYTHING was cute. Other vendors, like from some major department stores, were condescending and power-tripping. Can't we all just get along? The president of the company created quite a stir amongst the employees, as he disapproved more than encouraged. It was fun to watch him sweat in a few meetings as well. And all I had to do was just smile and show the waist band and lie about how I really DO feel the slimming effect technology in this particular sample of pant, which as samples go, does not really have the technology in them....whatever.

At the end of the several days that I worked there, I felt glad that it was over, but had a fun time. In the future, I don't know if I would love to do it THAT many days in a row, but a few works for me. I am so grateful that my lil sis came out to babysit my girls while I did this job this week. It was so fun to have her and to have a new modeling experience.

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