Thursday, August 16, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She read the casting email: Red Campaign / GAP. Billboard in Times Square.

"They seriously think I would be cast in a GAP campaign for a Billboard in Times Square?", she thought. She really didn't think so. She went to the casting anyway. She decided instead of looking all Red Campaign/Bono/Gap edgy, that she would just be HERSELF. Maybe the very pure version of her, not the girl trying to fit a mold for a casting her, would stand out more. She didn't even wear much makeup...just concealer, powder, cheeks and mascara. No brows, no shadow, no liner, glossy lip.

She got on the elevator with the posse and two beautiful, straight from Nigeria (or someplace incredibly exoctically Africa), model girls followed. Oh crap. There she was in her wide leg Gap trousers and loose fitting blue t-shirt, and her kiddies, and there they were in all of their RED Campaign Perfection. She wasn't really feeling the Red Campaign THANG.

She walked in....Hallmark was posted everywhere. What? Was she in the wrong place? She approached the casting assistant and said: "Is this for the Red Campaign?" YES! Hallmark is now partnering with RED too! Oh, what a relief, she thought...especially since she just did the Hallmark job a few weeks ago, and she was wearing the same pants as the assistant...good sign.

She waited for a bit, and there was a familiar face taking the photos and video in the casting: Michelle from Kansas City Hallmark headquarters! Her spirits started to soar! Her agents DID know what they were doing after all. She took a bunch of shots while holding an envelope, and her little one tried to steal scissors from the desk, be IN the shot with her, and crunched loudly on her snack. The older one then decided to run in front of the camera as she was trying to gather the posse to go out the door. She was not happy about that behavior, and gently explained what being professional meant. She was pretty sure that won't be the last time she has to explain that particular...expectation.

She hit one more casting, this time for big sis and her, and then they filled their pockets with skittles and M & M's and headed home for a nice long summer nap.


jmc4180 said...

how cool if you got the red/gap campaign gig. good luck to ya!Jackie

Crazymamaof6 said...

way cool! and holy cow! i couldn't imagine taking your kids to a casting! I hate to take them to the store, or church or anywhere! you amaze me! and love the chat about being professional! i can just imagine that! way cute!

Alejandra Rodas said...

Hola!! Te mando saludos desde Guatemala!!! Y te felicito por tus 2 hermosas beb├ęs. Sigue luchando por alcanzar tus ideales!! Dios te bendiga abundantemente.

Un fuerte abrazo desde Guatemala!!!


Alejandra Rodas said...

And you have a beatifull family!! Congratulations!!!

Many hugs for you and family!!


knittingirl said...

That is so awesome for you - I hope you get it!!

Kage said...

Alejandra...I am getting my bro to translate your first comment. Guatemala! Muy Bien!