Thursday, August 23, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Before she starts, she just wants to say: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!"

She decided to go to the mall. Alone. Just herself and the two girls.

She usually tackles the mall with at least her husband, if not another adult friend. She never thought that the mall would be the challenge it turned out to be.

She was on a mission; to style her upcoming shoot for Nuvaring. She had been given specific direction. She had picked out what stores she would go to ahead of time. She had even packed a very yummy lunch, so as not to be distracted by the food court. She thought to herself: "we'll be in and out, we have food, what can go wrong?"

Apparently, everything. Those kids that she sees on holiday in the city streets, whining, crying, making a fuss because they are fish out of water...well those were HER city kids at THE MALL.

She observed other mothers walking peacefully with strollers, cup-holders, iced coffees, shopping bags, enjoying their stay. She wondered what their secret was. Perhaps they and their children are used to THE MALL. Her children acted as if she was torturing them.

After a few hours of frustration, she headed to Nordstrom. In the women's FANCY dress section she lost lil sis. She called her name. She assigned Big Sis to also call her name and look for her. She called her name over and over again, with increasing intensity and mean-mommy tone. She didn't think she had gotten far, but still, she couldn't find her. Panic.

Big sis found her. She ran after her and grabbed little sis, picked her up and gave her a good scolding about how she shouldn't run away, and she should come when she is called, and hiding is not funny, and what if she had been kidnapped and no, no, that was not nice to do to mommy and such.

And lil sis paused. And looked up at her mom, and said... "Peekaboo."


onehm said...

That is one of those moments when you aren't really sure if you should totally blow your top, or burst out laughing at how utterly adorable your child can be.
Glad that she was okay!
BTW, love the pictures.

A-me said...



Linz said...

Aw, lil' sis.

Is Elder A. in your weeme's laptop?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - that is so cute!