Thursday, August 30, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She started her day out with a really great workout.

When she opened the door at 7:17 AM, she was met with the hellians she had left. Yes, two little girls who were protesting their CHOCOLATE milk and throwing fits about who knows what exactly.

She struggled through the next several hours. It seemed as if every time she tried to plan something fun, the kids did everything in their power to misbehave.

Once they were both worked up and crying quite a bit for no apparent reason at all, she sent them to their room so that she could think, breathe, and finish some email she was writing.

She was finally ready to face their tear-stained faces.

She sat them down. Every time lil sis cried, she said: SHHH!. Finally lil sis shushed. She then took a breath and gave a good long lecture about behaving, crying, she had planned something great today, what's going on, why are we so upset? yada yada yada.

It ended with this: "Now girls. You have two choices. You can either stay in this apartment all day, OR, we can go to the museum. What will it be? STAY HERE or MUSEUM?"

Lil Sis: "CAKE"


Ann said...

i like her choice! i'd take cake, too, and then the museum. hope you survived the day!

onehm said...

That lil' sis has an answer for everything! She's a smart one, you're gonna have to watch out for her!!