Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Three Words

It's summer, which means POOR choices in tv viewing.

I watched parts of this show called icaught. This story inspired me.

It's not a video.
And it's not 3 words. But I like it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kage

Sorry, couldn't access the video. Is this your hand??

Anonymous said...

I dont watch that show but I would love to know what they put together for next week. Can you update us with the new link next week? That would be great. I love your hand pic...congrats on 9 years!

Linz said...

Happy 9 yrs. you two!

onehm said...

Very cool idea.
Love yours!!!

Congrats on 9 years.

You asked about how we got all three of our kids on the same day. I haven't put it on my blog...
Basically we were foster parents and all three of our kids were placed with us within 3 months of each other. They were foster placements for over a year and then we were fortunate enough to have all three placed permanently with us on the same day! Unheard of, but it just worked out so perfectly. We feel very blessed. Of course we got pregnant not long after we found out that the adoptions would be final. Our baby was born 2 months before we went to court. Pretty crazy to have 4 kids in 18 months!! It's great though. We can't imagine our family any other way.

I wanted to ask if I could post a link from my blog to yours with the pictures of your new condo? I have challenged my friends to show pics of their homes, and I remember how adorable yours is. So creative and fun. I just haven't been able to recall where it is located in your previous posts? Let me know if that's okay with you...

Sorry about the looooong comment!
Have a great day.

Kage said...

onehm....very cool story. Yes, please link:


Girls Room
Girls Room 2
Family Room
Master Bedroom

Kage said...

Here's the Link. Enjoy.