Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today's Adventure: Chelsea Waterside Park

The little bug had a casting today for Ralph Lauren. It was nice to go and meet a few of the peops there that have tried to hire me to wrangle in the past, and to see a few friendly faces from jobs gone by.

After the casting, we walked by a park that I keep meaning to take the kids to, but they are never with me when I pass it. BUT, today they were, so we spent a good hour at the Chelsea Waterside Park. It was perfect for the kids because it had the interesting and challenging climbing apparatus for big sis, and the water and sand for little sis.

Since it was Ralph Lauren, lil sis was dressed in her full Easter dress we stripped her of her dress, cardigan and Sunday shoes (when getting dressed this morning she asked if we were going to nursery (the name for the baby's part of church), and I said no, just a casting), and off she went, having SO MUCH fun in only her pull-up. I swear it was better than the beach.

We topped it off with hotdogs for all, and then enjoyed a quiet afternoon of school shopping. Ugh.

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