Monday, August 13, 2007

Today's Adventure: Seussical

Remember that audition that I was pretty stoked about, and never got to do?

Well, when I saw that those poor people perform 2 shows a day except Saturday, and are getting paid like they are performing 3 shows a week, I didn't feel so bad that I didn't even get a CHANCE to audition.

However, when I saw that it was free, I decided to check it out. My girls and I were late for the 1-hour-before-hand-pick-up-of-tickets, so we just stood in line for a LONG half hour in the HOT sun. Just when they were about to completely melt from the heat, we were let in. We sat in the center, 4th row in a decent-size, COOL theatre, and the show began almost immediately.

We munched on goldfish and cinnabon cereal even as the announcement about NO FOOD was made...whoops...sorry...we made sure we didn't make a mess.

It was such a great show. It captured the attention of my very wiggly little one for about a full hour. They advertise that it is only 45 minutes long, so it must have started late, because we weren't out of the theatre until an hour and a half after the supposed start time.

Anyway, it was most entertaining, and the highest quality (especially for the money) children's theatre production I have seen in the city. So, way to go Seussical! If you are in the hood, you should definitely CHECK IT OUT.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are a very inspiring mom. i saw you on runway moms, and something you said stuck with me, and i ended up repeating it this weekend to one of my girlfriends who is pregnant with #2 and struggling a bit with the idea of being a supermom to both. i told her that i heard another mom-- YOU!-- once say that her firstborn was special b/c she made her a mother, and the second was special b/c she made her a better mother. and that stuck with me, and it will stick with my friend now, too. so know that you are inspiring moms all the way in Miami!
-- A. from So. Fla.

Kage said...

A from Miami....when I said it, I meant it...and I still do....thanks for the note.

Heaton Family said...

I have seen your link on several of my friends blogs, but it never clicked as to who you were till today. I was watching Runway Moms and it was your episode. I was sitting there the whole hour thinking, you know, I think she may be the same woman that's on these blogs. When you said you were LDS, it really clicked. You are such an inspiring woman. You really are "super mom" and I hope I can only be as super as you.