Friday, August 31, 2007

Weird Money

So, strange money things happening.

1. A few weeks ago Knitting Girl emailed me saying she had gotten a coupon in the mail with my face on it. After further research, I realized that a job that I had done several years ago, that had paid to use my image for 3 years, was using it BEYOND that time frame.

I contacted my agent's, and with knitting girl's help, they paid up.

2. My daughter got a check in the mail for a job that she did not do. She was booked on it, but we cancelled the morning of the job because of an extremely high fever, and what turned out to be strep throat. I called the agent, and I am sending it back to them.

3. Last week I got a check for a wrangling job I did in July, and then today I got a check for the same job. I called the company to let them know, and I haven't heard yet if they want me to send it back or rip it up.

The way I see it, I am out $.82 for being honest! Oh, well, I guess I did get a little unexpected bonus too (see #1).


Anonymous said...

your are awesome for returning the wrong checks. great example for your kids! also, if you dont mind me asking, what exactly do you eat during the day? are you a grazer or do you maintain a specific diet? i know you have great genes (obviously) but you have such a great figure! im just curious!

Kage said...

anon, I am in a total transition in regards to what I eat. After both kids I tended to eat until absolutely hungry and low blood sugar and then I would eat like a cupcake or something ridiculous like that. After my cholesterol went up I became much more conscious of eating a diet high in I lowered my cholesterol and cut out a lot of sweets (that were replacing meals) and now I have gained 6 pounds and I feel healthier, but I want to lose the I am also transitioning back into exercising VERY regularly..something that was difficult to maintain after my second you caught me at a bad time, I will et back to you...but in general my dieting advice:
eat less
move more

Anonymous said...

Diets are totally simple, (at least in theory).

My motto is this...(Side note--I am totally stealing this diet 'motto' from an old Professor at Ricks College/BYU-I, it is not my own).

"Eat more plants, less animals and exercise more."

Couldn't be more simple, right? Now if it was only fun to eat 'plants' all day...we'd all be super buff hot mamas!

Laura said...

I am big believer in exercising. I used to try to eat less and I would loose weight and it would come back. I started exercising (from nothing) to 5 days a week and I feel better, have lost a lot of weight and kept it off. Eat less move more is a perfect motto.

Lisa said...

I think Kage's secret is primarily the good genes... just like anonymous said!

knittingirl said...

So glad I was able to help out!!

I'm working on the whole eat less, move more thing too, but you're right, after two kiddos it's hard...

What I wouldn't give for your genes or your mom's (right Lisa?!)


Kage said...

Rhonda....Lisa IS my mom....that scallywag.

knittingirl said...

I know!! I loved her comment about it being your genes!!

Lisa said...

NO ONE in Kage's gene pool is as skinny as Kage!

Julie P said...

What a good example you're setting for your daughters.