Friday, September 21, 2007

3 Generations

Yesterday my mom participated in her first professional photoshoot. She was a pro.

We LEFT our apt. at 5:39 AM to arrive in Warwick, NY at 7:05 AM. Our calltime was 7, so we did pretty well with our timing. The drive up was beautiful. I wish it was just a few weeks later in the season so that we could see the leaves turning colors. On our way up we passed the Sterling Renaissance Fairgrounds which looked like so much fun. I bookmarked it as an adventure for next summer.

The day was a long one, but very fun. We frolicked in fields of long grass, took photos with pretend family members, a grandma and grandpa, a cousin, a husband for me, other children....lots of different combinations of beautiful people, are pretending to be related. The only other related models were a pair of brothers from Brooklyn.

We met some chickens, horses, cats and a dog...which often happens when you shoot on a farm. The girls were so well behaved and good to go the entire day. My mom was a trooper when she had to wear a wool sweater in the 80 degree heat.

One of my favorite things about the shoot is the way the photographer would just unexpectedly call out my little one's name across the property. He shot her a LOT yesterday, as she was the token cutie patootie on set (except for when she had diarrhea out her pullup and into her shoes).

I hope that I get a chance to snag some photos from the shoot, I plan on being quite persistent about it...but for now here are a few pix that I took:
It was cold in the mountains at 7 AM:

Mom getting her makeup done by Jaysterling:

The photographer's elbow, as he took photos of my mom and the kids

This is lil sis with her pretend Dad, as they contemplated fishing.

This is actually a crop of a photo that I took of one of the frames, as it was up on the MAC I cropped it to protect copyrighting etc.


nymanzanita said...

How fun! What a great memory for all of you! Props to your mom for enduring the wool sure hasnt been as cool here the last few days like it was last week. Can't wait to see more pics if/when you get them.

Chloe said...

That last picture of you and your mom is BEAUTIFUL. So lovely...

onehm said...

I must agree with Chloe!!
And your mom seems so relaxed in front of the camera. I am really impressed with your beautiful family!

Rachel H said...

That is so cool! You can definately see the family resemblances! Nice cheekbones! After our daughter was born, at a thanksgiving when she was only 5 months old, we actually were able to get a 5 generation picture. From a great great grandma down to a neworn babe. It was pretty sweet.

Elizabeth S said...

I LOVE the pic of you and your mom. Looks like you all had a great day.

lainakay said...

So fun! Love the pictures. Can't wait to see more! You will link when they publish, right!?

Love Warwick! My husband and I lived near there for five years right after we got married. So pretty. The apple festival is around this time of year. That would be fun with the little ones!

I also used to drive by Sterling Forest every day on my way to work in "joysey!" I never did get to the actual renaissance fair but they used to have a haunted hayride in October which is neat. All the renaissance props were tricked out for Halloween. I wonder if they still do it...