Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to School

As seen in the September Issue of Parents Magazine.

My little one went to this job with my friend Joy. I was so proud of her that she would go by herself, and perform as well as she did. She said this job was very hard because of the boys who weren't paying attention, and that she and the girl in the wheelchair [no, that's a walker honey] were good. She said they had to take one step and freeze, over and over again. She loved her hair, and Noelle, the makeup/hair artist let her keep the pom poms.

I loved the boots she wore. Thank you PAYLESS. This whole shot is really just totally cool. I think all the kids look so joyful and cute, and I love the little crossing guard in the background, and of course...the boots.

And so today, I am officially a real, genuine mom. I always said once I had a kindergartner it would be the real thing, and my my my it totally is. I have a kindergartener with pierced ears who is starting school in Manhattan. Did I ever picture this? You betcha I didn't. Is it beyond my wildest dreams? You betcha it is.


E-Dawg said...

I thought that was her! I saw this a couple of weeks ago and thought, "Wow, that looks like Darby, she must have a popular look!"

Congrats on having a big girl.

Crazymamaof6 said...

she looks so great what a big girl now! how exciting and bitter sweet for you to have her grow up! those boots are great, and love how she was good and boys were not!

Deon said...

I opened my Salt Lake Tribune yesterday to see the Real Simple Family photo of little sister sitting on the floor eating the spilled Cheerios. The article was taken from the magazine and appeared to be syndicated, probably to a boatload of newspapers nationwide. This photo was the only one accompanying the article. Sweet.

Laura said...

I love kindergartners! SWEET TIMES!! Love the pics!

onehm said...

Totally bought RSF mainly because you had said that your girls were in it, and I wanted to see their pics...
Loved this one. And the magazine is great! I am sold!

nowlze said...

dude! i got a shoutout in your blog!! nice!

kristy, i was totally on here to email you, because you inspired me to make a blog of my own....i give you an even bigger shoutout!! hope you enjoy and aren't offended that i ripped you off....maybe....just a teensy bit. i think of it as sharing the love.