Sunday, September 30, 2007

Saturday's Adventure: Ragamuffin Parade

On Saturday, the Full Glass Posse, and "Crazy Uncle S" marched together in the 41st Annual Ragamuffin Parade.

I love free community events in the city. I love being one speck in the myriad of specks that comprise a landscape of art. Yesterday we were eye candy for all those that came out to march and watch the Ragamuffin Parade. And we got to see lots and lots of eye candy in others. The costumes that came out for the Ragamuffin Parade were so creative and inspiring. I wish I could have taken and published more pix, but I picked a few of my favorites here.

The girls went as Super-O and a Bride. I thought this bride looked a little Cyndi Lauper with her black boots and blue eye shadow. She even made her own bouquet out of markers, pipe cleaners and paper towels. I was a chef, with my very cute apron. J and Crazy Uncle S dressed up as burrows. Way to represent guys. By the way, S, cool of you to join us.

2 of my favorite Dads were dressed up as an Organ Grinder and a monkey, and Noah with his shopping cart, I mean, arc full of beanie babies and 2 real live babies dressed up as a Chicken (seated in a bumbo) and a frog (seated in the front). I thought his hair and beard looked like bubbles. I hope he dons the same getup and races in the Idiotard early next year. We loved this little dog dressed up for the parade too.

I loved the homemade costumes. So creative. So cute. Just LOVED all the effort that people put into them. Some other faves not pictured: box of crayons, a gameboy, cell phone, and coffin(?) big enough to put two live mummies in.

It was a really fun day marching in the Bay Ridge Community...straight to the bridge. And it got me really excited for Halloween.

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nymanzanita said...

How fun! I didnt even know this was going on. I was out in Riverhead at the Outlet Malls and I would have much rather seen Santa on the Fire Engine! Cute apron, it's from your Aunt, right?

Lisa said...

Wow! What crazy fun!

Chloe said...

The girls look SO cute -great costumes. And your hair is getting long!

Cute apron.

Right in Bay Ridge said...

Thanks for the link!