Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Edith Stein Recording

If you missed seeing it, there is now a recording available.

My favorite scene to perform in the "opera" was as Hannah....and in the scene that I have put up on my website, Hannah has gone crazy. It is difficult to understand all the words, but basically, she is telling Edith a story through song about a boy who was drowned in a public place for being Jewish. The lines that follow are Hannah talking to Edith through the veil at the Catholic Convent...and Hannah is basically at her wits end.

They recorded this scene about 4 different times, and I am pretty sure this was my favorite version...but it's been a month, so maybe my memory fails me. Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, I played Hannah. So, it's me singing and speaking!

Check it out here, click on CLEAN WHITE BIRD.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog a little while ago. It is really nice of you to share your feelings and misadventures with everybody. You have and amazing voice.
Take care.

Elizabeth S said...

Your voice is amazing! It makes me realize how hard it is making it in the business you are in to be that talented and not always working. They should be beating down your door! Beautiful.

Jessie Jo said...

amazing! that's all i can say. when are you coming out with a new cd? i need one for all year long.

courtini said...

thank you for letting me see it cause i looooooved it.
this was my favorite part too. you were wonderful dear.
do you have all of it?
is there any way i could have it?
cause i really really really, oh yea, really liked it.

Kage said...

Yes I have all of it...are you serious about wanting the whole thing?

courtini said...

totally serious!!