Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night's Adventure: First Camping Trip

My church started organizing a camping trip about one month ago and my husband and I were not jumping on the bandwagon of participation.

Even though we had both camped in the past, we are not "nature" people...except when it comes to recycling and such. We discussed it briefly and decided we would let this one go without participating.

Then one Sunday afternoon our daughter came home from church SO excited about the Church's Camping Trip. They had announced it in her primary class. Oh no. We explained that we might not be able to go because we don't have supplies like tents and sleeping bags and lanterns. She gave us the Pussycat Eyes (from Shrek 2) and said in her bestest most pathetic voice: "But mom, I NEED to see a forest!"

Right then and there we decided to go camping. However, she had to earn it. We designed a violin practice chart for my daughter that led up to THE CAMPING TRIP. She was MORE excited about planning for it then the first day of school. Last weekend we bought our supplies (tents, sleeping bags, flashlights) on sale at the Sports Authority and I spent ALL DAY on Friday packing the car and purchasing the food for our trip.

On the way to picking up friends and my husband (he was meeting at our friends house), I had to take my mom to the airport and get gas. I got the gas at the corner gas station. The entrance was blocked by other cars, so I had to drive over the curb to get to the pump. After we filled up we dropped my mom at the airport drop off, and that's when I noticed that the front left tire had low pressure. I looked at it and it still looked okay to drive on, so I made it to my friends house.

When I turned onto their street with a high-pitched skid sound, I knew our camping trip was doomed. The tire was F-L-A-T. And after about an hour and a half of putting the spare on only to drive two blocks and find out there would be no fixing the tire until at least the next day, we called off the camping trip. Apparently the curb-driving was the cause of the irreparable tire.

Oh....the....tears. Our daughter was more upset then I had seen her in quite some time (ok, since the myserious leg limp at kindergarten), and we felt so bad. We drove home with promises of campouts in the family room. When we got to our building and the super was helping us unload he was offering us his beach house on the spot, he felt so bad for the girls.

We made the best of it...set up our sleeping bags and camping chairs, turned the lights off and only used flashlights, and still ate our hotdogs and smores. It was pretty fun, until our next door neighbors decided to PUMP their music until 3 am when I had to politely ask them to please turn it down, we are having a campout already.


Alyson P. said...

Your camping trip was more realistic than you think. We went camping in AZ over Labor Day weekend and at 2AM large caravan of noisy music blaring campers pulled in next to us. They stopped their music for about an hour between 5 and 6 and then started up their roaring 4-wheelers. They got paid back the next night when it poured rain and they had to pull out. They were sleeping in the backs of trucks, not tents. We very much enjoyed the sound of the rain!

akdoxey said...

You guys were missed, I'm sorry about your misadventures!

TftCarrie said...

You can tell D that I would have cried too. So disappointing. But it looks like you made the best of it. Maybe next summer she can fly out to CA and go camping with us. We would have so much fun!

Melissa said...

Love the NEED to see a forrest argument...of course!