Friday, September 14, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Cleaning Products

Here are some of the cleaning products that I have started using, that I think are just great:

Greening the Cleaning

Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaners

Method Tub and Tile Spray

Almond Floor Cleaner. I don't use this for the big cleaning job, just the little spots that happen between cleanings.

Method also has a starter kit on their website for about $28.00 that is a great gift for the new home owner, or for yourself if you recently moved and didn't take the stash of cleaning products with you.

For my major floor cleanings I have always loved Murphy's Oil Soap, and I am pretty sure it is that excites me!

Today I just bought a new one to try: Ecover Toilet Bowl Cleaner. I hope I like it too!

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nymanzanita said...

Greening the Cleaning products are AMAZING! I think that they are by far the best. I am a huge Deidra Imus fan and have study up on the products that she makes. You cant get any GREENER with them and plus you are helping a good cause. 100% of the profit goes to the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer!