Friday, September 07, 2007


This is what your feet look like after hours of walking the streets of NYC. And why was I walking the streets of NYC? Well, I got to work today, to my wrangling job, and my booking was a mistake. There were only 4 kids in the late afternoon, and they were all big kids, who did not need my assistence to smile. So, I was dismissed, WITH PAY.

So, of course I did not go home. I walked. I walked and walked and walked. I walked from the Holland Tunnel to 1st Avenue and 9th St. I walked up Chrystie Street for a while, simply because that's my name. I fantasized about my goal to walk on EVERY street in New York City (Like THIS GUY). I would buy a map and everyday, mark off the streets I had walked on, until they were ALL crossed off.

I was trying to visit a new boutique that I just learned about (thanks marian for looking up the address for me), but apparently the entire East Village does not open until noon. Except for Coffee Places. Lucky them. I sat a while in Tompkins Square Park. I was glad I had my ipod so that I could tune out the many words I was hearing, while I read my book.

So, I then mosied on up to my agent's office thinking that there was a casting today that I would have otherwise missed. I needed to pick up a comp card from them and the info, since I wasn't prepared to go to a casting (didn't have any cards on me). I saw Khrystyne Haje (now THAT's a spelling), she was auditioning for a voice over. I see her every once in a while at castings. I remember her from Head of the Class, WAY back in the day. I was mistaken about there being a casting today, so I next found myself at the Manhattan Mall. On the way I ran into another Runway Mom, Natasha. She is so pretty, and 3 kids...WOW, I don't know how she does it. At the mall I went to Steve & Berry's, I was hoping Sarah Jessica Parker's new line Bitten would have the perfect pencil skirt. It didn't.

Next it was time for lunch with my friend at Chipotle. I figured after hours of walking I could afford a burrito (even though I am currently trying to tighten up a few mommy areas on the old bod). I devoured it. Then I went to the loveliest public restroom in NYC at Bryant Park, after which I sat in the outdoor reading room and read my book while listening to music from the ubiquitous WHITE TENTS of Fashion Week.

After picking up big sis from her 2nd full day (4th day) of kindergarten, I had a little on-the-floor photoshoot with lil sis. She was in a really good mood today. That's always nice.

This photo was taken at 3:51 PM. Poor thing....kindergarten has been a LOT much this week.

I wish I was sleeping right now too. Sigh. It was a great NY Day.


merathon said...

i love SJP's line, but sadly it is true--not a pencil skirt to be found.

i actually saw some really cute denim pencil skirts at macy's earlier in the year. they were levi's, so i was especially surprised. i think levi's is trying to go glam on me!

Kage said...

merathon, they had a black one but it looked bad on, and too yucky fabric...and black.

You know, I was working in a showroom last month that partnered with Levi's, and many of their displays looked a little glam....maybe they are trying to compete with Guess a bit? I will check there...thanks for the tip.

Melissa said...

I can't wait to have dirty feet again soon!
What a day what a day. And PS - what a cool goal to walk all the streets of NYC. Can't wait for THAT post.

Megan said...

I got a denim pencil skirt a few years back at Target (Isaac Mizrahi for Target). Perhaps that's a route to try?