Friday, September 14, 2007

Knitting Time- Love Scarf Project

I am not quite ready to start my OWN Love Scarf Project.

However, I would love to lead a group of Posse Readers in the Love Scarf Movement, and donate to the Love Scarf Project that is open for business in Sunny Orange, CA.

I'll be honest, I have no idea how many readers I have. I used to have a counter on this site, but no longer. So, since I don't know how many readers I have, AND I don't know how many of you is difficult to set a goal of how many the Glass Posse Blog can I will just offer up a few statitistics of what the LSP collected last year, and perhaps we can make pledges of what we will contribute in the comments.

Scarves: FINAL COUNT for 2006 = 89
Caps: FINAL COUNT for 2006= 27

I feel as if the Glass Posse Readers can contribute to the final count for 2007 by quite a bit. I am pledging right now to make 3 scarves. I made 2 last year (I think), so I am upping it to 3. So far I have about a 1/4 of one done. (I knit it on stage during Edith Stein!)

Please help me to support a great cause, and get your needles have about 3 months to work on it, and I will let you know where to send them when you email me your final count:

Oh, and PLEASE spread the word AND THE LOVE!


Lisa said...

I would like to do it. Are there any guidelines for the scarves? Folks, if you knit while you watch TV, you can't eat... an added bonus!

Kage said...

no, but if you go to the blog (click on the LOVE SCARF PROJECT link), you can see free patterns if you want to try a cap, and suggested yarns and stuff. There are also more photos of donated scarves from last year. I would just put yourself in the shoes of someone who might need a scarf, and what you might like! For some reason I was thinking about the men, so mine were soft brown and brown/blue. The Lion (Lyon?) brand has some good soft yarn and knits up REALLY can use double the yarn fro a thicker feel.

Liz&Meg said...

Can you crochet if you don't know how to knit?

Kage said...


and MOM:
Guidelines for Scarves
1) Soft yarns are advisable: cotton, baby yarn, microfiber, silk and cashmere are good
2) If yarn used has any wool content, please attach a note.
3) Use your own crochet/knit pattern, your own creativity or browse the free pattern links on the sidebar
4) Adult sizes needed.

ALL that from the LSP blogsite

Andrea said...

I will knit at least one, and more if I can squeeze in the time.

heather & fi said...

hey - count me in for one!

Kage said...

YEAH! Thanks for the pledges so far....keep em coming!

SingerMamaMelody said...

I would absolutely love to contribute as I really love knitting. But unfortunately I have tendonitis in my dominant thumb and have to be careful about activities like this. I hope that you get lots and lots of people to help knit those scarves!

I really enjoy reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

This is the perfect project for me as a begginer. A lady from church is going to start lessons at her house in October and this will be a great project and motivator! So count me in for one :)

The last project I started was with my Grandma, 20 some years ago and I ended up with a Barbie scarf! So lets hope for better sucess this time.


Liz said...

Is there a length requirement for the scarves?

Count me in for 2!

Kage said...

becky, good for you. And I am STILL a beginning knitter...I can pretty much only make a scarf (though I did make a baby sweater once, but it was basically a bunch of "scarves" stitched together), but I can do a few stitches and change colors...woo-hoo! If knitting doesn't take, try crocheting...sometimes people can only do one or the other (like me).

liz, I haven't seen a length requirement, so I would just do the tried-and-true TRY IT ON approach....that's what I do!

Anonymous said...


Count me in for one scarf!

~ Meg Schutzenhofer

Kage said...

THANKS everyone for your scarf pledges. I will leave this post up at the top for a little while longer in hopes of getting some more interest, and of course I will remind you all periodically, and ask for updates on progress. Remember, you can knit caps too.

THANKS everyone.

happy nanny said...

Conference is coming up in about a week and half, I am planning on kitting a scarf!

If you and some friends don't have enough time for a whole scarf, you can each do a section and knit them together: