Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Loves August


Cleaning the house on Saturday, when I had had a long week.

Coming home early from work so that I could go to rehearsal.

Agreeing to fly my sister in to watch the kids for the week.

In the middle of the night, tag teaming me and telling me to get some sleep...his selfless care of poopsy as she battled the croup.

In the name of Harry Potter, can you please get up and watch the girls? I am so happy you cracked an HP book.

Sending that email from Toronto: I miss my girls.

Bringing me an ipod shuffle from your trip.

Coming home from church meetings and playing hangman and Connect 4 with big sis, also practicing violin with her, without me asking....AAAAAAAAAHHHHH...that was nice.

Big Sis:
Wanting to watch Grease with me (me realizing just how inappropriate that film is for a child...whoops).

When you are well rested, you are so pleasant, like today, all day. And at church you just want to be embraced by your community, and I love the love that you give to everyone around you...and sorry you were scared and crying and alone in the bathroom, until I found you...

Begging to watch Funny Girl. Hallelujah.

Putting on clothes for Tuesday, to sleep in all Monday night.

Making breakfast for lil sis and yourself on Tuesday morning so that I could sleep in.

Humming Funkeytown while watching Shrek 2.

Wearing a wig, headband and sunglasses to the mall.

Writing Poems together.

Crying at that scene in the Chipmunk Adventure about a penguin who has lost his mother.

You wearing goggles in the bathtub.

You being excited about the outfit that I bought for myself for back to school.

Planning a movie all month, and we still haven't shot it.

Lil Sis:
Saying Come on mommy, sit watch a movie together on her bed.

Being sick with confusion and calling my sister Courtney, Kristen ALL day.

Holding hands while trying to sleep during the croup.

Climbing in bed and putting stickers all over my face.

Hearing a dramatic slow song come on the ipod, and approaching me with an invitation to slow dance.

Your face when you stood right next to me and peed through your panties.

Walking into the bathroom while I was using it and saying: "Good job mommy!"

Watching you work out a peanut butter sandwich that got stuck on the roof of your mouth.

Helping me break green beans and asparagus in preparation for dinner.

Peekaboo---hiding from me in a department store, making me panic, finding you, lecturing you, taking a beat and then saying: Peekaboo...b/c that was what you were playing, unbeknownst to me.

Reading poems together.

Singing on the video tape.

And to all my loves:
A lovely evening at a local restaurant, eating some Italian outside. The cool wind blowing, the relaxed children, and probably our BEST dinner out as a family to date.


Lisa said...

Ah, you are indeed blessed, my dear.

onehm said...

Sounds like August was good to you!

Linz said...

A Funny Girl partner!! WHoo-hoo!!