Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Loves September

My Loves for September:

Hopping during dinner.
Doing a good job conducting during Church.
Supporting me in doing the church singing job.
Helping me with the lost key situation in the Hamptons.
Suggesting we set up the tent INSIDE the house, after the camping fiasco.
Telling the girls you are a good person and need to be treated nice.
Looking for the Oreos.
Not getting upset when you knew that the tire was my fault.
Beatboxing....Big Sis was fascinated.
Always helping me make the budget work.
Participating in self-assigned Couples Therapy with me, I know how you love it so.
Waiting for me to come home to watch The Office and My Name is Earl.
Working so hard for us day in and day out.
Supporting me with my auditions and chaos.

Big Sis:
Being so brave when you got your ears pierced.
Choosing to wear a bun in your hair on Sunday for maximum earring views.
Getting through your first week of kindergarten, tears and limping and all.
Your excitment about camping.
Helping your sister at the Heckscher Playground.
Wanting to drink hot cocoa and watch Annie.
Your face when your hair and makeup was done on the 3 generation job. Standing in front of the model Sheila to get a compliment from her.
Singing into the High School Musical Karaoke Microphone.
That intricate song you made up with your Halloween costume on.
Your genuinely anguished tears when you knew the camping trip wasn't going to happen.
Your question after school, everyday as we pass the ice cream truck, strategically parked outside the school: "We're not getting ice cream right?"
Reading Boxcar Children with you.

Lil Sis:
Saying not "YES", but "Yes, Sir" to me all day on Sunday: "Yessir, Mommy!"
Drawing all over your belly and running through the house:"SUPER MAN!"
Drawing on the walls...well...I wasn't happy with that, but man it took guts!
The jumping dance that you did at the bottom of the slide.
Nose kisses.
Ranting and Raging and Yelling.
You at the photoshoot....holding hands with the big kids, running in the grass.
Singing in the High School Musical Microphone.
Wearing parts of my and daddy's halloween costumes, and acting like those characters.
Showing your muscles.
Singing "Master of the House" with me sans bad words.
Protesting the drinking of your milk EVERY morning.
Walking and Climbing the Stairs around the city, you are getting really good at it now.
Your kisses and hugs...they are the best.

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