Monday, September 10, 2007

Ralph Lauren

Lil sis was put on hold to work the Ralph Lauren Spring Campaign this week, in the Hamptons.

She was released, and I was hired. But not to model. Don't worry, my ego is not hurt. I realize that in order to model for Ralph Lauren, you mustn't have thighs. And without my thighs, how would I do my 5:52 AM morning workouts?

I am so excited about this job for several reasons.

1. I am wrangling on a white screen for the lookbook, off to the side of the REAL set. I will be one on one with the kids, and not involved in the group shots with the thigh-less models (and the plethora of puppies, antique cars, and occasional horse). Less PRESSURE...which I always appreciate when wrangling.

2. Two nights at the Southampton Inn. I really wish my DH could come with me, but about 6 years and 3 months ago we made the decision to become parents, so he will stay home with the fruits of that decision.

3. On location. In the Hamptons. WHATTUP?

4. Mild (I hope) weather: SO glad it isn't May in Central Park.

5. It will be fun to shoot at the Potato Barn, the Horse farm and be a part of a pretty major national campaign. This will be my first time with Ralph, so EXCITEMENT all I just have to get booked on their Miami trip in the winter!

6. I'm not gonna lie, RL pays of course in my mind I have already spent my earnings times 100...and my husband has already deposited it into our 401K. "Honey, family!"


Laura said...

That DOES sound exciting! I cannot wait to hear more about it. It's fun living through your life.

Linz said...


Love it.

LJ said...

That sounds like SO much fun. Ralph Lauren- very impressive. How cool to have your daughters involved in the modeling business as well as yourself. And if skinny YOU have thighs, then the rest of us Mommies are in real trouble! :) Thanks for sharing all your fun NYC adventures. Love to read them. Have fun!