Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Report Card: First Day of Kindergarten

Last night I was getting ready for bed, and I looked in the mirror and saw someone that I barely recognized.

Me? The mother of a kindergartner? Me? The mother of not one but two children? You mean, my DAUGHTER is starting school tomorrow? Not me? I snapped a photo because this is the beginning of a journey that will end with my baby graduating high school, going off to college, and becoming an adult. She is now officially thrust into the world, being reared by her peers, her teacher, New York City. It was my first day of school today too.

We were 15 minutes late for the first day. SO, not like me, but there is a first for everything. Of course I felt bad, but I really didn't stress. The poor dear had nervous itchy skin this morning, a feeling as she described: "Like I have to go to the bathroom, but I don't really have to go." And as soon as we got home her stomach was a little upset (this happened last year too), so I think I will have an annual bathroom incident to look forward to each year.

I was so proud of her for getting through her first day, and I just KNOW it is going to be a momentous year for our whole family. As for lil sis, she had a good time observing a bug at the park, and playing in the sand and feeding an acorn to a squirrel. The learning continues for her too.


Anonymous said...

ok you are too cute without makeup!

Anonymous said...

anon here again-there were no mention of tears? no tears? my daughter was fine her first day but i was not!! she is my youngest though. maybe that was why. i boo-hooed like a baby. i was so sad that i had to send her "off into the world" of school but then i was fine. she loves it and that always makes it easier! congrats on getting through a milestone.

Kage said...

I cried at pre k.
Honestly, today I might have, but we were 15 minutes late and there was no time for that....

chloe said...

I can't believe how grown up Darbz looks - so big and so pretty.

Congrats, mama - you did it.

Rachel H said...

Auugh! We just had 1st day today and our power went out, so I was making sure that I checked my cell to be sure I was on time- and as I got into the car, the car clock which I have always thought was right- said I was ahead of schedule. I walked her into the school and someone from the office stopped me in the hall and said I had to "sign her in" - I was thinking- Every single day I have to do this? Come to find out it is 20 minutes LATER than I thought- and I seriously was like- Oh my GOSH! I feel like I am having a time warp- what happened? We went from being early (or so I thought!) to me dropping off my daughter 20 minuted late! I controlled myself long enough to get outside and then I called my sister and started crying!! I felt so bad! Anyway--- she's fine I am sure. Crazy though-huh!