Thursday, September 13, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She misses that time of night between 5 and 8. She doesn't get out enough at that time of night. It's beautiful, especially in September. She misses the calm that comes over the city after a day of work and frenzy.

She is usually at home getting children to sleep. She misses sleeping in. Well, she gets to do it every so often, but it's not the same as sleeping in for no reason at all. She usually gets to sleep in with interruptions, or when she is sick or over-exhausted, or pregnant.

She's not pregnant.

She misses the flexibility and freedom that children sometimes do not allow. She misses going outside for a walk, holding hands with her DH, and not having to be back by bedtime.

She misses D'Agostinos Pizza, but not her hip size during that time period of consuming a whole one (with DH's help of course), every weekend.

She loves being the mom of two girls. She loves the freedom of movement, voice and expression that her children shower the world with. She loves watching the faces of those around her, that are seeing them for the first and only time, and the joy that it brings them to behold their expression.

She loves when they interpretive dance, tell stories, sing songs, take risks.

She loves it when they sit down for dinner and they are hungry and they eat. She loves when they SIT and eat. She loves when they sit for longer than 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and take bites, chew, and swallow their food. She loves when they giggle in the bathtub.

She is pretty sure that giving up 5 to 8 at night and 5 to 8 in the morning, and a long list of other "things" is worth it. In fact, she's VERY sure it is.


SingerMamaMelody said...

Your 3rd Person Thursday segments are great. I could really relate to this one, as I too miss those same types of things. But I agree - it is so worth it to spend time with our little ones and to savor their new discoveries and cute little ways of living life!

nowlze said...

kage, you've got the life. i have often said that if i knew i would have a girl i'd get to babymaking already! (sorry to moms of boys out there, but it's true!!)

your girls are that fantastic, rare combination of adorable in a real, down to earth way without being sickeningly sweet and cloyingly girly. you've "done good" with 'em.

and p.s.: the hubby has NEVER given me a romantic anniversary surprise before this one, so you just never know...