Thursday, September 20, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Her daughter wanted a race.

The entire Glass Posse raced to the front door, past the doorman onto the elevator. While it went up, her daughter instructed that they would then race from the elevator to the front door, a 12 foot distance. The Posse stood at the elevator door just WAITING for it to open so that they could take off.

She secretly pushed a floor 3 below where they lived. The door opened. The posse pushed out. She stayed on and frantically pressed DOOR CLOSE.

As she ascended, alone in the elevator she heard it:
And then:

The door opened and with her haste she struggled with the key, but made it in: shoes off, sitting in the comfortable chair, feet up, eyes closed.

A few seconds later the Posse crowded in, this time accusing her to her face. Her reply: "What took you so long?"


Chloe said...

That's AWESOME...

Linz said...