Thursday, September 27, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She had the day free.

Well, her days are never completely free. Actually, she had to devote a good portion of her day to a volunteer opportunity for her daughter's school. Her goal: to obtain as much FREE STUFF from neighborhood businesses as possible. The free stuff would act as incentives for the children during their month-long fundraiser. BTW, if anybody needs any magazines or wrapping paper, let her know!

Her travels found her at a variety of cool places. She did not know that her favorite bakery also had a location on the Upper West Side just a few short blocks from her daughters new school. Oh no. SO ACCESSIBLE. DANGEROUS. She stopped by to purchase some gift cards for the kids there (not free), in hopes that they would throw in some freebies, and of course she could not leave without her favorite chocolate cupcake with pink buttecream frosting. Heaven. Seriously. Every BITE. And only $1.85.

Since she ate the cupcake, she needed to devise a way to work it off. She picked up her kindergartner and then pushed both kids in the single stroller (seriously, it's just going to FALL APART some day soon for the abuse it has endured), about 13 short blocks. That was all the workout she and the cupcake was hard work. During the brief/long walk the kids were getting restless so she devised a game. As they walked down 8th Avenue she instructed them to start finding the cabs with flowers on them. There is a new Urban Art Project going on called Garden in Transit....way cool, which includes Flowers on Cabs until December.

They spotted SO MANY. Turns out 8th Avenue is FULL of cabs. After a while they began counting. Even later that night as they looked down on the streets from the roof, they could still see them, and were still counting. They must have seen at least 50 yesterday.

Their destination was the Corporate Offices of DC Comics. Her friend works there and gathered some toys and books for her as a donation. It was some great stuff. Visiting the office was so fun. They saw Christian Bale's Bat suit on display. Her girls got to ride in a little miniature coin-operated batmobile, and seeing her friend's extensive She-Ra collection was just enough to make her entire day. She thinks she might need to get the posse some Princess of Power Items.

She loves New York for the endless treasures it on cabs? Come on....does it get any better? Don't answer that.

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