Monday, September 03, 2007

Today's Adventure: Crayola Factory

In our family, we like to measure road trips in DVD's. Today's Adventure was one DVD away. Today the DVD of choice was Aladdin for the way there, and Peter Pan for the way back.

After reading about a Day Trip to Lehigh Valley in Time Out New York Kids magazine, I decided we MUST visit the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA. I guess we should have visited the Pez Museum too, while were there....right E-Dawg? However, I forgot about it until I was putting these links in. Oh time.

Anyway, for my girls, who love all things creating, this museum was heaven. For my DH, who doesn't love a crowd so much, this was not heaven. Although, if I had to pose a guess, it would be that the museum was not that crowded at ALL today. There were art supplies everywhere and plenty for all. There was no waiting for any art station, and I don't think I got bumped into or rubbed bodies with anyone during our entire experience.

With the price of admission, you receive gold coins, redeemable for art supplies as you go along. We picked up some crayons, a marker and splurged the rest of it for some model magic. That was our favorite stop of the day. There are several retired folk volunteering at the museum, and one really sweet man sat by Big Sis and taught her all things model magic. He took out some of his own and created a tiny little bowl and told her it was to put her earrings in. And she hadn't even told him about getting her ears pierced a few days before, he just noticed. I was pretty impressed, and she can't stop talking about the little tiny bowl for her earrings.

Among the offerings of art projects, we chose to do heiroglyphic books, crayon rubbing, and model magic. We skipped making puppets, an Egyptian Collar and Fishes. One of our favorite stops was the COOL MOVES. You dance to music and your silhouette is captured in a moving, crazy, colorful screen. It was especially fun to dance to tunes from High School Musical.

Lil Sis loved the Under 5 area where she could feed a ball into this little whirly machine, and it would then travel on a track above your head and make its way down another moving machine. Hard to describe, but fun to watch her enjoy that.

I just love a museum that is hands on, CLEAN, vibrant and inspiring. My girls came RIGHT home and made more stuff with their model magic tonight. And they are already talking about what they are going to make tomorrow. Creativity man, I just love it.

After the museum we called Onstar and asked where the nearest Panera Bread was, and then they sent voice directions to our car...that was our BEST experience with Onstar Concierge to date, and just so nice to have that little service. We had our second meal in history as a foursome that was relaxing and enjoyable. Wow...this could be a turning point for us: 2 meals out in one weekend that did not raise the parent's blood pressure!

Happy Coloring!


bspeck said...

We drove through LeHigh several months ago and now I'm sad we didn't stop! And now it is just too far....

It sounds like a ton of fun.

Lisa said...

What a perfect day!

Linz said...

I want to go there!