Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wrangling for Parents

When I look at the cover of December 2007 Parents Magazine, I will always remember my heroic act of bravery on set yesterday.

Okay, so it wasn't really heroic or brave, but it's as close as you get being a wrangler.

Since we were shooting for December, it was Christmas all day today. One little girl was standing next to the Christmas Tree, and I heard this mysterious noise that I couldn't place. A few seconds later I heard again, but this time it was accompanied by the tree falling down. The noise was the trunk of the tree, falling out of the styrofoam holding it up in a pot (love that idea in lieu of a tree skirt btw!). Yes, I saved a child from being smothered by a falling Christmas Tree.

I apologized to Props for not saving their beautifully-adorned tree, but I am pretty sure I made the right call. If I was REALLY good, I would have been able to CATCH the tree, whilst blocking it from the child.

In all, the children were really good today. The styling was really sweet and modern...I of course wanted to take EVERYTHING home for my girls, but alas, I would not have made any money today if I had done that. I definitely had a buns and thighs day. A few babies were just ON, THE, it was up and down QUITE a bit. And of course I always love chillin' with my fave makeup artist. And I also enjoyed catching up with a Runway Mom Season 2 mom, Natasha, and her gorgeous baby girl, who was modeling today.

After work I headed straight for BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT. It was only 3 long blocks East and 36 blocks north of where I was, so of course I decided to walk it (my new mantra: EAT LESS MOVE MORE-The moving more part is going well). I just happened to walk by my fave popcorn place, so 36 blocks worth of New Yorkers saw me STUFF my face while I walked...I am pretty sure the walking and the eating were a perfect cancellation of each other. It was a yummy day yesterday.

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