Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I hope you all appreciated my participation in Blog Action Day, despite the fact that I was on an airplane for most of Blog Action Day. Thanks honey for posting for me!

I'm back from my trip.

Aaahhhh....It's back. It's back...I just can't write the words nice to be...so it will just have to be....It's back.

I AM happy to see my family, I started to miss them. And I am happy to be coming home to a fun job....but I miss my friends....my posse, my peops.

And my peops want to remain anonymous, so unfortunately the only pix you will see of my trip, are of me and a dog:

Yes, after knowing this dog for about 5 years, our friendship blossomed this weekend. It's because I found out she likes to sing and dance, just like me, and in fact, WITH me.

Also this weekend I became dangerously close to getting the high score in karaoke. I still think the person who beat me by 1 point, cheated, because she sang a song she KNOWS she scores high on.

And I learned that I really enjoy split pea soup with a hint of lemon, and that I am about 1.5 inches taller than Heidi Klum. I have left out a horrendous amount of details, but that's ok...because it is my secret trip for only me and my trippees to know about.....hee hee hee.


Anonymous said...

it's always good to get away and relax. makes you such a better wife and mommy! your just so refreshed when you get back. i went to mexico last summer-wonderful! even if your not a big beach person. its so relaxing and such beautiful scenic sights to behold. not to mention that they wait on you hand and foot which is not "me" but you get used to it VERY quickly. they are soooo nice. good place for an anniversary trip.
i would love for my next trip to be new york actually. ill be checking back with you about some good insider info!

Linz said...

Is that dog hypoallergenic?

Kage said...

linz, Even though my allergist recently informed me that I am now more allergic to dogs than to cats, I was not bothered by this dog....and I do pretty well around cats too. My allergy meds work really well too, so I was fine around her. I don't know if I would GET an animal...but I seem to be ok around them for short periods of time....

Melissa said...

By the looks of the dog, I'm going to assume that you went to visit Melvin Udall and Carol the waitress. I hope all is well with that crazy couple. Glad you had a good time.

onehm said...

Glad that you had a good trip! Your hair is getting so long and it looks beautiful!!