Monday, October 08, 2007

Columbus Day Adventure!

Few things are a bust in NYC.

There was not much planning that went into the Columbus Day Parade Excursion today, and maybe THAT's why it wasn't as cool as an NYC Parade has the potential to be, but I sort of doubt it.

I am however so glad that I experienced it, if only for a half hour or so. Seeing the Mayor's Secret Service Peops in action, was pay-off enough for the teeny tiny hike it took to get to a viewing area. When we do it again (IF we ever do it again), we will go further north on 5th Avenue, not right at the start of the just doesn't move fast enough there.

We got a few pix though of various Politicians, Italians and Clowns of course.

The mayor joined the route RIGHT where we happened to be watching, which was an unexpected surprise. You know how you see the blacked-out SUVS driving around in caravan and you wonder who is inside...? Well, maybe that doesn't happen where you live, but it happens a lot here, and you never get to find out who it is, but today we did! The Mayor! That's him in blue, out of focus behind Big Sis and Heather. And there, talking to a reporter.

And the Governor, who I thought was the guy in the suit, but turns out it's the guy on the right, Eliot Spitzer. Yes, I know, I really need to get better at my politics. I know this.

And Italian Motorbikes, b/c Chris C. was Italian after all:

Walking back from the parade, lil sis decided to do a thorough inspection of the free newspaper turned out to be nice, clean and tidy.

And we ended up at our favorite outdoor reading room. Big Sis and I read books while lil sis played in the dirt, one of her favorite pastimes.

Happy Columbus Day!


merathon said...

i HEART the idea of an outdoor reading room! we need to get us some of those here in charlotte!

Lisa said...

No sign of Hillary?

y said...

LOVE Big Sister's face with Heather! (and since you knew Bloomberg, didn't know Spitzer, cancels each other out. :) That's why I'm not making that face right now) :)