Monday, October 15, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Blog Action Day!

It's Blog Action Day, and our topic is THE ENVIRONMENT. Ever since I started to make some green lifestyle changes, you will hear me occasionally cry out: "MOTHER EARTH IS CRYING!", if someone throws a recyclable item away without even thinking twice about it.

Now, I am guilty of this on occasion, but it is usually only when I know it is a high-traffic area for those in the business of collecting cans out of public trash receptacles. At home, I am extremely vigilant about recycling, even taking the time to clean out those not-so-fun-to-clean-out items. There is one exception, the peanut butter jar, but that is because I am allargic to it, and therefore afraid of it.

In honor of this Blog Action Day, I decided to take the time to compile my Gradually Going Green Posts, in hopes that some of you will get bitten by the Green Bug. It's time people...really....start making small changes for a better tomorrow..or Mother Earth will CRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gradually Going Green Posts:
4/27/07: A list of Changes

5/18/07: Progress

5/29/07: Miscellaneous

6/20/07: Spreading the Word: Cute Video Alert!

6/29/07: Eco-Restroom

7/6/07: Green Parking Lot

7/16/07: Reuse Plastic Bags

7/24/07: Green Market

7/30/07: More Reusable Grocery Bags

8/15/07: Stop Washing Your Hair!

8/21/07: Water

8/27/07: Fabric

9/14/07: Cleaning Products

9/17/07: Soup 'N Swap

9/25/07: Parking Day

10/02/07: Teeny Tiny Bags


y said...

You know, our boy, Al Gore just won the Nobel Prize...! Go green, baby! One little New Yorker (or blogger) at a time! Save Mamma Earth!

Stacy said...

While I have just been a "lurker" I have totally loved reading about your 'green' transformation! Way to go! :)
BTW, I love your blog :)