Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Farmer's Market

When I saw some photos of pumpkin "snowmen" in the recent issue of Halloween Martha Stewart Issue, it was the first time since moving out of the house that I grew up in, that I wanted a yard. I just HAD to make my own!

I think they turned out really cute. I love their hats. And big sis helped to make the necklace on Mrs. Pumpkin.

I got these adorable little pumpkins at the Farmer's Green Market in my hood last Saturday. Though the gathering of sellers is small, they never dissapoint.


Elizabeth S said...

I couldn't see the picture, but I am sure the pumpkins are adorable!

merathon said...

dying to see your pupmkin-man. . . or should i say WOman? i can't see it either.

Kage said...

I think the photo is working now, let me know.

Becky said...

Much cuter than Martha's! So fun!

y said...

What are their names? I want them!! (curse the mid-terms. grrrr). Ok. Seriously. LOVE the apron, and the hot pink lips are just TOO perfect. Workin' it! The Bow tie, the buttons, and the wide eyes ... makes me want your DH to wear a bow tie too. (see banner photo to check the match. right?)
Love you DH! :)