Friday, October 26, 2007

Gradually Going Green

The Rose Bowl Flea Market!

It's enormous. There is not time in one day to see everything there. There is so much inspiration, I am about to burst with it. I wish I had some sort of magic workshop, where I could take things and turn them into something else. Slightly imperfect stuff, textiles, furniture, vintage anything the list goes on and on and on.

I ended up with a few treasures. I bought two picture frames to recycle for my latest Condo Art Project: Sisters Wall. I am collecting art that features two sisters in it, and putting them on the blank wall in my office. So far I have two: This one and this one.

I also picked up a vintage Cinderella vinyl record to put in a record frame for the girls room, and this cool vintage pink Samsonite Train Case to use for I don't know what yet, but it's awesome. I also picked up two beautiful vintage tablecloths. One is pink and one is green. I should have snapped a pic of them, but forgot...maybe later.

The first purchase I made was RIGHT inside the entrance of the flea market. A brand new, handknit ORGANIC cotton poncho for big sis. It's really beautiful and I thought a steal at 15 bucks. I swear you could buy something like that at a boutique on the East Side for like 80.

If you like making old things new again (a very green practice), and you find yourself in Pasadena on the second Sunday of the month, stop on by. It's pretty great.

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