Saturday, October 13, 2007


I am in Cali.

I made it.

Today I got a massage and spent some good girly time at a spa. I real spa. It was heavenly.

Now I am stuffed with Italian food, awesome lunch and mexican food and pinkberry and cinnamon bread from trader joes and a bunch of other stuff and one sour patch kid.

And I am so happy to be visiting my peops and to have a little break from my very busy life.

And good news. I have a job to go back to on Tuesday for Mott' after all the drama of the and the rescheduling of flights and blah blah blah....I have a job to look forward to.


I am on NYC time, so I should really be asleep right now, but instead I am going to karaoke.


Gedde Adventures said...

I would go to kareoke too! Enjoy your time... who needs sleep? ;)
So.... what do you think of the book so far? Just interested to hear your thoughts on it...
Oh and I got one scarf finished too! Working on #2 for the Love Scarf Project!

Linz said...

Rock on. You deserve a break. What's pinkberry? I'm intrigued...

Anonymous said...

Always good to have time out and chill - enjoy!!

Simone x (from England)

Kage said...

gedde a, I just finished the book last night. It really was the perfect time-alone book. I watched the Oprah on it right when I finished too, which was really fun. I liked the book. I enjoy reading about new places and people's journey. I didn't fully relate to her journey, but I certainly enjoyed reading about it.