Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I received my first shipment of donations yesterday! A BIG THANK YOU to YOU! I pictured the goodies here. I am now working on my second right now with some yellow boucle, that is on 8 needles. It will take probably the rest of the First Season of Ugly Betty on DVD to complete. I am definitely up for the challenge.

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tracy m said...

Kage, I'm going to start one today!! I don't know how I missed out on this last year, but if I make a few this year, maybe that will help.

Thanks for motivating us to do something.

Kage said...

Thanks tracy....can't wait.

Anonymous said...

random question here...i noticed on one of your blogs about new york you mentioned the ron mueck sculptures (if i remember correctly). i was wondering if you went to it and if you took the kids. i really want to go but im not sure if i should bring along my 7 yr old. even though it is art and i want her to be exposed to alot of art there is nudity. if you did take your kids, what did you think? sorry its so long... thanks

Kage said...

I loved it. I don't know ALL his work, but of what I saw, I did not find it inappropriate, in fact, I would welcome it as a way to have a conversation about body parts and such. I did not bring my kids b/c it was a date for my husband and me, but if I had to go tomorrow, I would bring them.

Perhaps you can research what pieces will be there ahead of time? I saw a similar exhibit of a different artist (I'm pretty sure it was's been 10 years), and some of his were not only nude but quite sexual (to the extreme) in nature, but we were warned about it before we entered, and invited to leave the are upon viewing if we found it offensive. Most museums I think are sensitive to age-appropriate works, and give fair warnings....especially contemporary art.

Of what I saw, Ron's work is usually not sexual in nature, but definitely some nudes. It is just breath taking...not to be missed.

Liz said...

What is the due date for the scarves?