Friday, October 19, 2007

Quote of the Week


approximately 4 pm on Wed:

Agent's Assistant (on the phone): We have an audition for you for Opal. It shoots in South Africa so we need to be sure that you have a valid passport and know how to operate a vehicle.


Agents Assistant: You do know how to operate a vehicle right?

Silence. Then.

Me: Oh yes, sorry, I was distracted by a disgruntled Costco Shopper. Yes, I know how to operate a vehicle. (Disgruntled Costco Shopper gives me the dirtiest look she can muster, and I am smiling)

Agent's Assistant: And they need you to wear your hair as long as possible.

Alright, I'll let my hair know.

45 minutes later....
Still at Costco....

OTHER Agent's Assistant (on the phone, I am still at Costco): Hey, I know you are probably thinking right about now that you wish you hadn't rescheduled your LA trip to stay in town for the job...BUT they STILL haven't made their decision, and are checking your availability for Friday. Still available?

Me: Yup.

Since I am not working today, I am pretty sure I didn't get the job. It all turned out ok though, in the regrets.


Chloe said...

I just love that you weren't even phased by something shooting in South Africa!

marian said...

What is Opal? Am I showing my backwoods living here and missing some vital cultural reference?

And yes, I agree with Chloe, love that S. Africa doesn't phase you. Would be a pretty awesome place to visit, though you'd probably be in-and-out and totally knackered by the travel.... (and yes, I just said knackered)

happy nanny said...


If you go to South Africa with your kids and you need a Nanny, I am available!! I have experience!

Laura said...

I have major family ties in South Africa. My paternal grandma is from there and my Grandpa was later a mission president there so my Dad went to college there! You have so many interesting experiences!

Kage said...

It is a ten day job in South A, so not the ideal for my family life, but totally don't care.

Opel (I think I misspelled it) is a car. The spot is really cute...a very challenging audition, I am pretty sure I didn't get it.