Thursday, October 11, 2007

Third Person Frustration

She's had her flight booked since June 7th. Her plans were to go to Cali alone for one short weekend. Yes, that's right, one short weekend out of 52 weekends in 2007.

The day of her flight was getting closer and she was getting excited. Making plans, packing bags, writing out itineraries. Her husband agreed to take off work to be with the children the entire time. She saved up some spending money, bought a few new clothing items, and had her book ready for the flight.

A few days before the trip a miracle occurred. She was booked out to wrangle on the same day that her agent's had a really really really really really awesome audition for her. She was told that she would be shooting the entire day and so would not be able to make it. Then on the day of the shoot, all of a sudden, it was over early and she made it to the audition with 5 minutes to spare. It was a hosting spot for She thought it went well. She put it out of her mind until the day before her trip.

17 hours before her flight was to take off, she popped up out of the subway and saw that she had a voicemail. Her agent called to discuss If THE agent, not his assistant called, it always meant good news. She called back. Good news. She got a callback for And it will be on Friday, the day after she arrived in Cali. Her agent clearly expected her to change her plans.

She was really excited about the callback. She was more excited about her trip. The only logical thing to do was cry.

So she did.

She called her DH who started researching other flight options. She called and texted her Cali peops to talk about how much the situation sucked. And she cried. Luckily her little one was in a very huggy mood and gave her lots of them to make her feel better. But she didn't really feel better.

She knew she should be grateful, but sometimes it's hard. And all she wanted to do was stomp and scream and yell: "WHY?" and "It's not fair!" But that just didn't make sense. She figured she was allowed a few tears of frustration and gratitude. AND a cup of chocolate Mister Softee straight from the truck.

Her agent did all he could to rearrange things, and after weighing the options, together they decided it was best for her to attend the Friday Callback. 3 girls. 1 in 3 chances. And a flight out to Cali for Friday afternoon.


Chloe said...

I know, I know. The timing sucks. But just think - this could hit! And we STILL get to see you, just one day past what we had planned.

Fingers crossed for you on Friday...can't wait to hear all about it.

LJ said...

I love and think you are just the perfect, beautiful person to be a part of it. Sorry about the bad timing. Good luck with the callback and have a fun trip with some good quality ALONE time! :)

nowlze said...

oh kage...that's a bummer. i always say that if i need work, i just have to book a vacation with a nonrefundable ticket!

i have worked with and they are really really!

knittingirl said...

Best of luck on the callback! How awesome would that be?

Gedde Adventures said...

Kage, did you start the book yet? I am almost 100 pages through and bought it yesterday... I'm Lovin it!!!

Kage said...

Sara, starting the book today....when I leave this afternoon...on the plane. Excited.

Gedde Adventures said...

Aww well have a blast, and enjoy the book, I am!!!