Thursday, October 25, 2007

Third Person Thursday

She had a go-see for Ortho-McNeil.

It was a good-paying job and a request casting that came with a hold in place. Good chances. Well, at least, better than average. She was told to wear form-fitting white clothes (cream would have to do), and bring her glasses.


She got there and realized that this was not a print casting, but a website casting. There was copy to be read. This was no big deal as far as the audition goes, but she has an exclusive contract with her commercial agent that conflicts with her booking this through anyone else. She expressed her concerns and was assured it would all work out just fine in the end.

She left her little one in the capable hands of 3 other actors and the casting assistant and walked into the room. She stood on her spot and looked at the storyboard and saw the words: ORTHO TRICYCLIN. Oh no. She was pretty sure a little campaign out there called Nuvaring would directly conflict with her doing this job. The Ortho rep was a little skeptical until she directed him to

Oh yes. It was all becoming quite clear. The casting director had a few ideas, like: What if we slick her hair back and put on glasses? Then she won't be as recognizable? What if she is wearing the doctor coat? Let's just take a few shots, just in case.


"I need the little girl's mother right now!", an authoritative yet panicked voice interjected while the door flung open.

She goes rushing out of the room to see her little girl standing there with her eyes rolled back in her head. The assistant said: "I think she is having an episode!" She recognized this as her little girl's fake trance face and tickled her and said: "Are you being silly?" And she was, and she and her daughter laughed. Everyone else continued to stare at the two of them with their hands on their hearts and their hearts in their stomachs.

She nonchalantly pulled the little one into the room to continue the casting that would never be, for now a 4th reason (daughter fakes her own seizure behind the door, during the casting), but it doesn't seem like anyone else has recovered from the scare. And they just decide to high tail it out of there.


marian said...

ohhhhhhhhh my. oh my oh my oh my. That's very funny. I love them sitting there trying to figure out how to make you not look like you.

SingerMamaMelody said...

Your little one is HILARIOUS!!! That is such a funny story!

Laura said...

That is hysterical! She's already a good actress!

Linz said...

ha ha ha.

kj said...
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Lisa said...

And that's why I call her enchanting!

TftCarrie said...

WHat a great chain of events!

Elizabeth S said...

That is hilarious!