Friday, November 30, 2007

My Loves November

Lil Sis:
initiating the dancing EVERY TIME we watch Dancing with the Stars
Seated dance during dinner
Saying very deliberately: I need to go to my room, code for: I need to poop.
Declaring your bum itchy, stripping all your clothes so that you can itch it well...a sign mom has not bathed you since who knows when.
New phrases: "Can I ......(do something?), and "Excuse me...." both I think you picked up at your new school.
You doing a little booty call on the stage of the childrens theatre show we went too, DURING the show...whoops
Those words: "my tummy hurts" right before you hurled.
Your very serious expression during the parade.

Big Sis:
Your freak out about the blood oozing from your infected pierced ear.
Telling me about your friends being mean at school.
You with your friends, you are so supportive, enthusiastic and loving.
Your face whilest ice skating for the first time. Priceless.
Your enthusiasm for my paper mache turkey.
You initiating songs with your friends, being excited about Julia's birthday.
You playing violin with the pianist for the first time.
Being (sort of) brave during your flu shot.
Wanting to open the presents I put under the tree...NO you have to wait for December 25th!!
Taking your Silent Night solo so seriously.

Full Body Hug
The Clean House dance.
Agreeing to all my Christmas wishes!
"Merry Christmas Honey." at my discounted gift find.
Giving me a hug before you leave, and the scent of your cologne lingering when you are gone.
Watching the entire trilogy of Lord of the Rings with me.
Taking us to Panera Bread. thanks.
Enjoying Christmas with the Kranks
Helping me with the debit card situation, that wasn't really a situation.
Thanksgiving night....before we got sick....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Third Person Thursday.

Photo By Michael Wood
More Pix
As she went to get her gas card to fill up the tank, she realized that her debit card was missing. She wracked her brain...where did she last use it?

Container Store! The receipt was still in her wallet so she called the number as the guy filled up the tank, and there was no trace of it at the store. Dang.

She kept thinking and then realized that she had used it in the muni meter in Manhattan for $1.00. She knows it seems lames, but she is ALWAYS short on quarters, so whenever she can, she uses the debit card in those dumb things. She must not have retrieved it. Oh great....her debit card, lost in Manhattan.

She double checked the pockets of her coat and looked through her wallet...nope...gone.

She called her DH at work: "PLEASE call the bank and cancel my debit card, it's who-knows-where....and check to see if there were any charges after Container Store and the muni meter please." (Ok, so she probably didn't say please once, let alone twice). She imagined the crazy dude she saw circle the block 3 times while she waited for her daughter to get out of school, finding it and buying crazy crap...."OH! My lucky day!" the crazy dude would cackle when he found it.

This is like her 37th replacement card...Exagerrating.

She got home and hung up her coat and sighed. She put her hands in her pants pocket and pulled out her debit card.


Potty Training

This face...see this face? Ask me how long we have been potty-training? Ok...since April...and yes we are closer...but NOT close enough.

We are fighting.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Gotta love that face...but not that butt.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Love Scarf Project!

PLEASE have your scarves mailed to me by December 10th! My deadline here in NYC is December 15th! We are up to 14, and I am still working on my second (and third) knit away peops!!! And email me when you are done!
kristy at kristyglass dot com for the address....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Latest Work

I wrangled this little one onto the cover of Parents Magazine. Her family is featured in a Runway Moms episode:

"Model and soon to be third time mom, Natasha receives scary news from her doctor: the baby's heart rate is decreasing and an emergency c-section must be performed. Will Natasha and husband have a healthy baby girl to bring home?" Well, now you already know how it ends!

You can see her episode on Nov. 29th on Discovery Health Channel at 3 PM EST.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Report

It's quite unlike me to go THIS long between posts...especially when such an event as Thanksgiving has occurred, and I am actually home to post. Well, the reason can be said in two words: STOMACH FLU!

A few years ago we all got the stomach flu (accept baby who had had her flu shot), and this round of it seemed MUCH worse. And my husband has already had his flu shot which tells me this was a strain like no other.

It started a few hours after our Thanksgiving meal with big sis. We thought maybe she had had too many sweets. Then that night at around 3 AM, those dreaded words from lil sis: "my tummy hurts: and then....

Both girls made it to the toilet, making the clean up so much better. We thought lil sis was barfing b/c she ate too much straight cranberry sauce. It COULDN'T be the flu! We headed out to the sights and sounds of Manhattan on Friday, and right after big sis ate lunch she hurled all over 40th St....3 splats all over the sidewalk. We went straight home.

That night the kids were left with a sitter and my bro and sis-in law and my husband and I went to see one of the few open shows on Broadway right now, the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. As we were walking out I noticed a little tiny something in the pit of my stomach...just a feeling. I expressed it out loud and decided I was on the fence as to whether or not it was going to have the same ending as my daughters. We stopped by the Charmin bathrooms in Times Square (the video below is from last years, but this years is quite similar):

But I was still fine.

Then it struck. At 4 AM all you could hear in my apartment was a cacophony of wretches from BOTH my husband and me. It was the most surreal and disgusting experience of our married life. We were so ill.

Our children were up and asking for things by 9 am and I was still lying down on the bathroom floor in the fetal position, for fear I would miss the toilet. It was time to phone a friend. I did, and she and another friend took care of my children for the entire day and washed my sheets and made the beds and even came back today to take them to church. And now we are doing better. A little weak and tired from all that puking, but feeling ready to face Monday. And now all the fun of thanksgiving is a blur...but I think I have a few photos to prove it was indeed fun:

I love the Kermit Balloon Handlers. They are always in green, and there are SO many of them.

Could my little one and her Dad look more alike?

Gotta love Hello Kitty, gotta love even more: SUPERHERO Hello Kitty!

Big Sis and me enjoying the parade.

The kids table, just hours before it began...

My husband waiting for the subway on the way home from the parade. We brought WAY too many clothes, it was practically summer out there. And then overnight a 30 degree drop. We were so lucky with the weather, but not much for anything else...on to Christmas~ Thank goodness I don't have the stomach flu this upcoming weekend, what with the concert and all....maybe we are lucky after all.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

10 1/2 hours and counting...

until the start of the parade. High of 61. PM Showers. Gonna be PERFECT!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gradually Going Green: Paper Mache Turkey

At last, the unveiling of the Paper Mache turkey, that if room, will grace our Thanksgiving table. I have not paper mached since I made a dachshund in art class in Middle School. For some reason, I became inspired to figure out how to make it again this year!

It is GREEN, because it is made almost exclusively with materials that I reused. I collected cardboard and paper for about a week, and even used a balloon for the base, that was given to me for free on the street to promote BEE MOVIE. There was an option to make flour glue, but I did not want any mold happening, so I did buy glue, masking tape, pipe cleaners and paints.

Below you will see the process, it's pretty clear what you do, as you go through the pictures. I would say that the downside of this project is the amount of days it takes. Everything needs to dry completely before going onto the next step. The upside of that, however, was the anticipation that was built up for my girls. They were pretty excited to paint it last night.

I imagined the turkey with many more tail feathers than this, but I just got too tired of make feathers, and I also ran out of time. I also wished the pipe cleaners were a bit longer, I wanted tall and long feathers, not these short, stubby ones.

I like how he turned out. I did the eyes, and I think they express fear, which is perfect for a Thanksgiving Turkey...sorry, but you do taste good Mr. Turkey!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sleeping Sisters

Something I need more of....SLEEP. Today I have a go-see for a print job for Mannington Floors and an auditon for another hosting job, this time for Court TV. And then the preparations must commence.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I spent Friday going to a callback for a Hewlett Packard industrial and a go-see for a Kraft print job, that I really want to get. It's so cute....close ups of girls with excited eyes/eyebrows next to white bowls of salad. Fun.

I also got lil sis her very own hot pink potty, as my 171st attempt at potty training her over the past 7 months. It's not going so well.

When I picked up big sis at school I ran into her classmate and her mom, and remembered that we had spoken about the possibility of ice skating that afternoon. I wasn't really prepared what with my several shopping bags and audition jeans on, and big sis with her thin leggings and summer dress on, but decided to go for it.

We headed to my favorite Bryant Park and skated at The Pond. It was seriously the most fun Friday afternoon I had had in a long time. Seeing my daughter ice skate for the first time, and the thrilled smile on her face as she went around and around and around just reminded me of all her firsts in life that I have had the opportunity to experience with her. She also looked so small amongst all the skaters zipping around the pond and the old trees and tall buildings. She got the hang of it much quicker than rollerblading, and it made me excited for more!

All around us, the Christmas market was getting set up. It reminded me of the Christkindlemarkt in Salzburg...the little huts full of ornaments and other gifts. Just another reason why I love Bryant Park.

Yesterady we attended a birthday party at the Player's Theatre downtown, to see the Literally Alive Theatre Company's production of The Little Mermaid. Of the children's theatre I have seen in New York, I would say the production value was high, but some of the performances were a bit spotty. The important thing is that the girls loved it, and I thought the pre-show workshop was a nice touch.

That evening we had our church's Thanksgiving and a Cake Auction to benefit some of the teenage girls trip to camp next summer. My husband LOVES this event. We bought 4 cakes, I won't tell you for how was $65 dollars, and I have to admit, it was good.

Since we partyed hearty yesterday, today has been one meltdown after another. And I am feeling completely overwhelmed by the impending Thankgsiving feast, because I have been spending far too much time on my paper mache turkey. I know it will all get down, I just don't know HOW!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Quote of the Week

As told to me by my husband, as told to him by Big Sis' kindergarten teacher:

The kindergarten class is all together and in some context or another the word Graffiti comes up.

Child #1: What's Graffiti?
Child #2: I know! Graffiti is when crazy people write on the walls and stuff.

Big Sis: Excuse me! My mom is crazy, and she doesn't do graffiti.

Teacher: Oh no big sis, your mom isn't crazy.

Big Sis: Oh YES! She is! She is REALLY Crazy. CRAAAAAAAAAZY. But, she does NOT do graffiti.

And she's right, I don't do graffiti and I am crazy...but it takes a crazy person to know one.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Whenever she heard that address: 601 W 26th St., she groaned and rolled her eyes.

That particular address equaled the MOST out-of-the-way casting of all. Even going to Brooklyn or Jersey seemed easier than 601. 601 is located on 26th St. on the extreme west side of Manhattan. Subways only go to 8th ave., which means a 4 long-block walk down a street that in the winter is super icy chilly and in the summer, HOT HOT HOT. She always dreaded it when she heard that address.

On this particular day, it was a casting for her and her 5-year-old daughter, who halfway through the long walk announced she had to go to the bathroom.

The other dreaded thing about 601 is the wait for the elevator. Since she had worked there quite a bit, she knew that the front desk people sent those attending castings up one elevator, and those working, in another. Usually she was wise to this and requested to go in the faster, "working people" elevator, and usually she was permitted.

Since her daughter had to pee, she forgot about this and was quickly assigned to the "casting people" elevator. She was behind a family of twins and a family of triplets, all going to the same casting. It was going to be an elevator battle. She had to figure out a way to get on the elevator in such a way that she would be the first one off, fastest one down the hallway and first to sign in. Or she had to find a faster way up to the 14th floor.

There were two elevator banks. One went 8 through 16 and the other 1 through 8. 1-8 came first so she jumped on and took it to 8, then crossed over to wait for the 8-16. When it arrived, the twins and triplets were on, BUT she was able to squeeze in and thus be RIGHT by the door when it opened on 14, and she raced down the hall and signed in first. VICTORY. Life is an elevator war, and she JUST one a battle.

The casting was completely dead at the time of their arrival (with the twins and triplets close behind), so they were in and out in 27 seconds (literally), and they even hit the bathroom, made it downstairs, and bought drinks for the ride home all in the time it took those triplets to say cheese. It was TOTALLY worth it to win that battle, saved them a lot of time. It's the little things.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gradually Going Green

Do you ever get those free address labels in the mail for organizations like St. Jude?

I used to throw them away as the right thing to do, because I never donated to the cause.

Now, I have changed my tune. Now I believe the right thing to do is to use them, to cut back on paper waste.

Going Green...even with the free address labels.

In November GGG News:
Want a way to reuse some of your cardboard/paper recyclables from the inevitable Holiday season internet shopping? Well, why not make a paper mache turkey for your Thanksgiving Centerpiece? That's what we are going to try...........

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Concert in DC

If you live in the DC area and would like to advertise my upcoming concert, email me, and I will reply with a flyer for you to print and distribute!
kristy at kristy glass dot com

Or you can get more info below:

KRISTY GLASS ~ Songs of the Season

Monday Night at the National

MONDAY, December 3rd
6 and 7:30 PM

National Theatre ~ Helen Hayes Gallery
1321 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004


Seating is limited ! Tickets are Required, and are Distributed without charge
one Half-Hour Prior to Performance, on a First-Come First-Served policy.

The Witch Story

Sorry it's taken so long's not really a great story, but a story nonetheless.

When my older daughter's kindergarten teacher asked for a parent volunteer to read a story to the class as part of their Halloween celebration, I knew I was the parent for the job. I knew the children weren't allowed costumes, but I asked if I could wear one and she said yes.

Then my mind started spinning.....I decided to be a witch...but not just any UNRECOGNIZABLE to my daughter and her classmates...witch. I then began my pursuit for the most perfect makeup. I started with the nose, but sadly everything out there is made of latex, and I am allergic...I even went so far as to research a gelatin version, but no dice.

I bought some liquid paint from ben nye in green, but was not happy with the results. If put on light I just looked sallow, and dark was too patchy and cracky. I was FRUSTRATED, so I turned to a pro makeup artist for help, and I found the PERFECT green, and some warts to boot.

Since I was on a sort of budget, I skipped the black hair wig, and just bought some black temporary hair spray, and a hat. I already had enough black clothes and some purple gloves (my plan of purple press-on nails thwarted page-turning) wardrobe was a non issue.

Then it was time to research books. I bought a few new titles that were perfect for audience participation: Room on the Broom and In the Haunted House. I also filled my Book Witch Case with a few we already owned, including another good group book: The Little Old Lady Who was Not Afraid of Anything.

So...Halloween morning, someone got sick on the train at my stop, so my babysitter was MAJORLY delayed. Lil sis was sick, so she couldn't go to school, which is why I got a sitter, and so I was stuck in full witch-wear wondering HOW to make everything happen. I decided to drive in and pray, literally pray for a parking spot out front of my daughters school in the middle of Manhattan where it is $.25 for every 15 minutes, max. 1 hour of parking....and have my sitter stay on the train and meet me at the school to pick up Lil Sis. Well, that plan, made in 2.7 panicked seconds, worked PERFECTLY...there was a spot and my babysitter arrived JUST as I did.

Since she was there with lil sis, I told them they could watch the performance, but only after I had been in the room for a little while, because I was sincere in my plight to not have my own daughter recognize me.

As I walked in, the front desk people (2), the security guard and the head maintenance man all jumped on the elevator with me because they "had to see the children's faces" when I went in the classroom. I wondered who was going to protect us from the bad people if they were all gone, but hey....who cares right?

Well, I had been practicing my witchiest voice, and even saying my name (I came up with Zoraga Zum), and the kids were pretty thrilled. I had a hard time reading their faces....some of them I thought were legitimately boy did break down into tears about 20 minutes into my presentation (I felt SO bad)....and after the 5 or so minutes that I was in there, when lil sis came in with my sitter, was when the kids actually figured out who I was. The teacher pulled me aside when it was over and said: "NO ONE, Not even your daughter knew who you were until lil sis walked in...NO ONE!"

Big sis of course will not admit this...she said she knew it was me all along...

After I read my stories and taught a song, I had to RUSH home, and transform into a Philly Cream cheese angel. This was perfect, because later that afternoon when I picked up big sis from school, I talked to a few of her classmates who told me all about the book witch who came to their class, and some of them STILL didn't know that they were actually talking to her. It's was rad.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I know you're out there...all you girls expecting a baby. And tonight I am announcing that...

I am one of them!

Click here. Make sure you enter a date to see me in full bloom. Someone sent me this link because they were entering a date for real....but it's a just try to guess who it might's NOT me.

As to the photo, my little one has been obsessed with all things baby lately, mostly because one of her friend's mommy is expecting. She wants to hold the baby all the time, and her mom has to explain that it doesn't quite work like that. Tonight, lil sis wanted to go back in, well, this was the best we could do. Glad I didn't birth a 30-pounder. Yikes.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Garden In Transit Week: Busy

As always, I am busy. What is at the forefront of my mind is my 4-audition day tomorrow, including a callback for a Tide commercial....and the concert in December.

I am exhausted...which is why it has been a week of photos...and might continue to be until 2008.

I am also soooooooooooooooooo super psyched about a few surprises I have up my sleeve for Christmas....and about my shopping list....all to be shared at a later date.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Garden In Transit Week: Love Scarf

The First of Two Scarves from Mrs. Gedde:


I am still working on's on 8 needles so taking FOREVER..but a very pretty yellow yarn that I got from the soup n swap. Keep knitting everyone! I will be setting a deadline soon!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Garden In Transt Week: Haircuts

Today we got haircuts. Actually, the day started with me cutting my own bangs. I know I am nuts. BUT, I had an audition this morning for Tide, and I didn't want my hair to look different between today and a possible callback, so I just did the best I could, knowing that my Frank would fix it later this afternoon. And he did.

Lil sis got the Posh Spice/Jenny McCarthy cut, only with bangs, and big sis just got a teeny weeny trim. I got bangs. I am trying to get some new headshots done this weekend, before it gets crazy Holiday busy.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Garden In Transit Week Continues...

Ironically, I was searching for the December cover of Parents Magazine, which I wrangled for, and ended up finding never know what blogs you are going to end up on....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Garden In Transit Week: Eebee's Adventures

This week I will be featuring photos of Garden In Transit Cabs (and my cute kids) at the top of each post. Enjoy!

I just got an email about the latest Eebee Adventures, that I taped last May.

Here is a clip from the new DVD you can see, I am not really in it...but you can hear a good YEAH! at the end of the segment..some of my best work I might add.

What's really cracking me up, is the latest development in Eebee Spin-off cute are these:

You can get them here.

I am still holding out for the Eebee's Mommy Superhero-mom Barbie Doll Action Figure Super Deluxe Playset. Maybe I should quit while I am ahead. Wait, am I ahead?

My October Loves

My Loves, October:

Suggesting that I start buying a monthly unlimited ride metrocard...NOT out of my budget. Happiness.
Laughing with me about the fire dept.
Fixing My Ticket Trauma Twice.
Watching the kids for an entire weekend without complaining once.
Helping more with family practicing and making lunch.
Your new look good honey.
Vaccuuming when I really wanted nothing to do with cleaning of any sort
Reminding me that my bad mood is chemical.
Burritos on a random Thursday night.
Getting excited about the green face paint I FINALLY acquired.
Saying I looked cute in my rollerblades like 4 times.

Big Sis:
Being excited about all the presents I brought you...especially the poncho.
Your face when you saw yourself in your first pair of earrings that weren't the starters.
Watching you dance during your dance class at school.
Playing b-ball with little sis during recess when I volunteered at your school.
Digging into digging out the pumpkin.
Being excited about us spending time with you on the school field trip.
Doing so well during violin lessons and practices.
You on Halloween....every second of the entire day. Precious.

Lil Sis:
You at the Johnson & Johnson Go-see....pretending to sleep (as instructed) brilliant.
You at the school interview.
You faking a seizure at the casting.
Being brave at your first day of school.
LOVING the breakfast offerings on the set for your Motts job.
While carving pumpkins: "I smell SomeFing"
Being a brave girl at school.
Working on potty training.
Raising your arms up to our pregnant friend and asking if you could hold the baby.
Talking to Grammy and saying: "I wanna go to were house"

Sunday, November 04, 2007

ING New York City Marathon

We were so pleased to discover that miles 14-15 went through our neighborhood.

I stayed inside to make lunch and stay with lil sis as she napped, but I did get a chance to see the view from our roof, and the other half of the posse, along with some friends got to see some of the action from the ground:

Just another reason why I live in New York: Driving home from church I get to see thousands of people running....just running.


So...yesterday ended up going really well. The stand-in job for Garnier was not at all what I expected.

I expected sitting around and being at the ready whenever the photographer or client might need me to stand in place for the talent. I expected to be standing and standing and standing while lights etc. were set up and tweaked around me. I expected to be in the background of a lot of chaos.

Instead what happened: I was the star of yesterday. The photographer and her team had most everything set up when I walked in, and my job was to try on a variety of white and black tanktops, and go through all of the shots that they needed to capture at the real shoot, which is today, with the actual hired model/actress.

Even though there was no hair and makeup there for me, we did some tweaking here and there to get it as close as possible to what they want on the model today. I think I might have actually scored some really great shots for my portfolio. My favorite tank top was this one, which looked STUNNING over my jeans....especially the thong part! Don't worry, it wasn't as low cut as the picture.

The best part of yesterday is that they let me dash out to my callback! I made it! YIPPEE! And a saint of an actress traded places with me so that I could be seen right when I arrived. I feel that the callback went really well, so now it's the never-ending WAITING GAME.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

November Luck

As if Thursday's queue of fruitless auditions wasn't enough...

really the most unbelievable thing (besides the Les Miz show prospects and news that it's closing), is happening today. TO-DAY.

Earlier this week my agent called with a job possibility to stand-in for Alana De La Garza, for a beauty print ad that she is shooting on Saturday. I was totally up for it because, being a Saturday there are never conflicts and since there would be no go-see or babysitter required, the rate for a half-day shoot was even BETTER than normal. I booked it and all was well.

On Wednesday I had an audition to play one of two angels for a Philly Cream Cheese Commercial. I had little feeling as to how it went, but apparently it went well because I was called in for a callback, on SATURDAY (the caps indicate a horrifically loud and hysterical primal scream that echos throughout the land.) I called my print people to see if they could quickly book someone else as a stand-in, but apparently I am the exact same measurements and coloring as the Latina actress, and it was not an option to change it. Hopefully this means I will be getting a role on Law and Order AND a beauty campaign soon, since we are pretty much the same person.

My next question is WHY?

WHY in five years of working in this town is ANYTHING at ALL happening on Saturday? This is such a rarity.

WHY is the callback only one hour long? WHY is it SMACK DAB in the middle of my 4 hour day?

There are 24 hours on Saturday, WHY does my job and the callback have to be during 4 of the same hours...there are 20 others to choose from people! 20.


AND I am grateful, AND it's a good problem to have, AND I know I am blessed.



Friday, November 02, 2007

November 2. November? Seriously?

Some days begin with a brightness of hope and expectations of booking SOMEthing.

They begin with a paper in your hand with a list of auditions, the specifics of wardrobe, makeup and any other special requirements under each address, time and which agent sent you.

Yesterday mine was printed in blue ink, because my black ink is out. I am also out of food, kleenex, and my house, though put away, has a layer of grime just about everywhere. We do have milk and cold cereal and lots of toilet paper, but kleenex would be nice as we all have colds. The grime isn't so bad because we aren't around much, what with the holiday and the craziness. Has November ALWAYS started the day after Halloween?

Yesterday I wrangled a half-day job in the morning, which went surprisingly well. Whenever I am walking to a wrangling job I have this nervous feeling in my stomach, because I have no CONTROL (did I mention before that I am a control-monger?), over what the unpredictable child models are going to do...but they all did fine yesterday, it was my cell phone that decided not to perform. It just DIED in my hands...I watched it vibrate it's last vibe.

So, after speaking with the peops at my cell phone company and hearing that I would be without a cell phone until at least Monday at 3 PM, I went about my day. My first casting was for a new magazine called Saphir. I got there about a 1/2 hour early b/c my afternoon was tight and I wanted to be the first person. I was number 6 on the list, and still wasn't seen until a 1/2 hour into it, making my time there a total of 1 hour ish. THANKFULLY my good casting friend V showed up (7 on the list),so we could chat about how she was on hold for too, and how a fellow Brit got the job...she's British and she had to tape the callback in both American and British English, and when she heard the news she was a bit steamed. We both went into the room to meet 3 casting people, and they chose NOT to photograph us as possible candidates...after that LONG LONG wait.

Next stop was for a Sprint Casting. I had no time, and it was at the casting place that has the city's slowest elevator. No joke. 39 w 19th St., 12th floor. You have to budget an extra 20 minutes on both ends JUST for the elevator. Once I walked DOWN the 12 flights with my kids. 2 words: Calves...burning. My agent had told me they were looking for bobs, and so instead of waiting around for the 11 minutes I had until I had to leave again to pick up my daughter from school, I was just pushy and found out that no, my hair would not work after all.

I got to big sis' school with enough time to buy a mini-loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread from the mini farmers market that is there on Thursdays, which made me very happy after the afternoon's dissappointments, and I also bought her a little sticker activity book as bribery to be good at my third audition. It was for Crest. I wore Crest blue and made sure my teeth were clean. I was paired up with a girl that ironically enough was in a Crystal Light test commercial with me a few years earlier, which we both booked out of the same room that we were waiting to go into for this Crest appointment. Ironic.

I read the copy. It was for Crest Whitening Strips and it was a direct comparison between Crest and Listerine Whitening Strips. Well, there is an obvious conflict there (kind of reminded me of the birth control disaster last week), but new media (internet) and commercials are not supposed to be in the same jurisdiction, so techinically it doesn't matter, but I can't imagine the client going for me. DRAT. After 1 hour of waiting and a thorough slate (close up on teeth, smile to the right, to the left, semi-closeup on teeth, to the right, to the left close mouth smile open mouth smile laugh.....on and on you get the idea), and letting my auditioning partner borrow an extra shirt I had since she was wearing white, I did the audition, knowing I was not booking the stupid job.

And for some reason....after all that running around with no good prospects of success...I was not upset. I was just totally and completely exhausted. Too exhausted to be upset. And after checking my voicemail remotely, every 45 minutes or so, until 8 last night, I now know that I have no auditions I am going to fix my food situation, kleenex too, and maybe start to put a dent in the grime.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Love Scarf Project Update

I got an email in my inbox over the weekend, and here is an excerpt:

I'm excited to announce that I'm *finally* finished
with my first ever knitting project, and I'm really
happy with the results. I am not, however, going to
mail it in to contribute to the Love Scarf pile. After
giving it much thought, I think that the old "charity
begins at home" saying is really applicable to my life
at the moment. My friend is just finishing her
chemo treatments for breast cancer--she's 35. She has always loved her
lifestyle and her job(s), but since she is freelance,
she also does not have health insurance. She is
getting some help from her parents but she is now absurdly in
debt as a result of not having insurance and paying
for chemo and radiation treatments. The good--well,
great--news is that she's doing really well and we
expect her prognosis to continue to be positive.

So, while I was looking forward to sending in my
finished product, I'm instead going to spread the Love
at home, to a great girl who is forever complaining
about her cold neck. :o)"

And that is what the Love Scarf Project is all about. AND, even though I will not have THAT scarf in hand, I am still adding it to our Count in the sidebar to the right. Thank you friend, for Scarf #9!