Thursday, November 01, 2007

Love Scarf Project Update

I got an email in my inbox over the weekend, and here is an excerpt:

I'm excited to announce that I'm *finally* finished
with my first ever knitting project, and I'm really
happy with the results. I am not, however, going to
mail it in to contribute to the Love Scarf pile. After
giving it much thought, I think that the old "charity
begins at home" saying is really applicable to my life
at the moment. My friend is just finishing her
chemo treatments for breast cancer--she's 35. She has always loved her
lifestyle and her job(s), but since she is freelance,
she also does not have health insurance. She is
getting some help from her parents but she is now absurdly in
debt as a result of not having insurance and paying
for chemo and radiation treatments. The good--well,
great--news is that she's doing really well and we
expect her prognosis to continue to be positive.

So, while I was looking forward to sending in my
finished product, I'm instead going to spread the Love
at home, to a great girl who is forever complaining
about her cold neck. :o)"

And that is what the Love Scarf Project is all about. AND, even though I will not have THAT scarf in hand, I am still adding it to our Count in the sidebar to the right. Thank you friend, for Scarf #9!


Elizabeth S said...

That is so great. I don't know how to knit, but this makes me want to look for ways to serve others with the gifts I have been given. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jen said...

At first I thought she was going to say she decided to keep the scarf for herself because it looked so good....but really, what a great gift to her friend! And that could NOT be her first try!?! My first try is not going so well...