Friday, November 30, 2007

My Loves November

Lil Sis:
initiating the dancing EVERY TIME we watch Dancing with the Stars
Seated dance during dinner
Saying very deliberately: I need to go to my room, code for: I need to poop.
Declaring your bum itchy, stripping all your clothes so that you can itch it well...a sign mom has not bathed you since who knows when.
New phrases: "Can I ......(do something?), and "Excuse me...." both I think you picked up at your new school.
You doing a little booty call on the stage of the childrens theatre show we went too, DURING the show...whoops
Those words: "my tummy hurts" right before you hurled.
Your very serious expression during the parade.

Big Sis:
Your freak out about the blood oozing from your infected pierced ear.
Telling me about your friends being mean at school.
You with your friends, you are so supportive, enthusiastic and loving.
Your face whilest ice skating for the first time. Priceless.
Your enthusiasm for my paper mache turkey.
You initiating songs with your friends, being excited about Julia's birthday.
You playing violin with the pianist for the first time.
Being (sort of) brave during your flu shot.
Wanting to open the presents I put under the tree...NO you have to wait for December 25th!!
Taking your Silent Night solo so seriously.

Full Body Hug
The Clean House dance.
Agreeing to all my Christmas wishes!
"Merry Christmas Honey." at my discounted gift find.
Giving me a hug before you leave, and the scent of your cologne lingering when you are gone.
Watching the entire trilogy of Lord of the Rings with me.
Taking us to Panera Bread. thanks.
Enjoying Christmas with the Kranks
Helping me with the debit card situation, that wasn't really a situation.
Thanksgiving night....before we got sick....

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Heather said...

We also watched Christmas with the Kranks. So silly, yet oddly enough, put you in the mood for Christmas...I guess that's what Tim the Toolman Taylor will do for you!