Monday, November 05, 2007

My October Loves

My Loves, October:

Suggesting that I start buying a monthly unlimited ride metrocard...NOT out of my budget. Happiness.
Laughing with me about the fire dept.
Fixing My Ticket Trauma Twice.
Watching the kids for an entire weekend without complaining once.
Helping more with family practicing and making lunch.
Your new look good honey.
Vaccuuming when I really wanted nothing to do with cleaning of any sort
Reminding me that my bad mood is chemical.
Burritos on a random Thursday night.
Getting excited about the green face paint I FINALLY acquired.
Saying I looked cute in my rollerblades like 4 times.

Big Sis:
Being excited about all the presents I brought you...especially the poncho.
Your face when you saw yourself in your first pair of earrings that weren't the starters.
Watching you dance during your dance class at school.
Playing b-ball with little sis during recess when I volunteered at your school.
Digging into digging out the pumpkin.
Being excited about us spending time with you on the school field trip.
Doing so well during violin lessons and practices.
You on Halloween....every second of the entire day. Precious.

Lil Sis:
You at the Johnson & Johnson Go-see....pretending to sleep (as instructed) brilliant.
You at the school interview.
You faking a seizure at the casting.
Being brave at your first day of school.
LOVING the breakfast offerings on the set for your Motts job.
While carving pumpkins: "I smell SomeFing"
Being a brave girl at school.
Working on potty training.
Raising your arms up to our pregnant friend and asking if you could hold the baby.
Talking to Grammy and saying: "I wanna go to were house"

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onehm said...

I love that you do this each month. Probably my very favorite posts of yours...although the funny misadventures rate right up there too!