Friday, November 02, 2007

November 2. November? Seriously?

Some days begin with a brightness of hope and expectations of booking SOMEthing.

They begin with a paper in your hand with a list of auditions, the specifics of wardrobe, makeup and any other special requirements under each address, time and which agent sent you.

Yesterday mine was printed in blue ink, because my black ink is out. I am also out of food, kleenex, and my house, though put away, has a layer of grime just about everywhere. We do have milk and cold cereal and lots of toilet paper, but kleenex would be nice as we all have colds. The grime isn't so bad because we aren't around much, what with the holiday and the craziness. Has November ALWAYS started the day after Halloween?

Yesterday I wrangled a half-day job in the morning, which went surprisingly well. Whenever I am walking to a wrangling job I have this nervous feeling in my stomach, because I have no CONTROL (did I mention before that I am a control-monger?), over what the unpredictable child models are going to do...but they all did fine yesterday, it was my cell phone that decided not to perform. It just DIED in my hands...I watched it vibrate it's last vibe.

So, after speaking with the peops at my cell phone company and hearing that I would be without a cell phone until at least Monday at 3 PM, I went about my day. My first casting was for a new magazine called Saphir. I got there about a 1/2 hour early b/c my afternoon was tight and I wanted to be the first person. I was number 6 on the list, and still wasn't seen until a 1/2 hour into it, making my time there a total of 1 hour ish. THANKFULLY my good casting friend V showed up (7 on the list),so we could chat about how she was on hold for too, and how a fellow Brit got the job...she's British and she had to tape the callback in both American and British English, and when she heard the news she was a bit steamed. We both went into the room to meet 3 casting people, and they chose NOT to photograph us as possible candidates...after that LONG LONG wait.

Next stop was for a Sprint Casting. I had no time, and it was at the casting place that has the city's slowest elevator. No joke. 39 w 19th St., 12th floor. You have to budget an extra 20 minutes on both ends JUST for the elevator. Once I walked DOWN the 12 flights with my kids. 2 words: Calves...burning. My agent had told me they were looking for bobs, and so instead of waiting around for the 11 minutes I had until I had to leave again to pick up my daughter from school, I was just pushy and found out that no, my hair would not work after all.

I got to big sis' school with enough time to buy a mini-loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread from the mini farmers market that is there on Thursdays, which made me very happy after the afternoon's dissappointments, and I also bought her a little sticker activity book as bribery to be good at my third audition. It was for Crest. I wore Crest blue and made sure my teeth were clean. I was paired up with a girl that ironically enough was in a Crystal Light test commercial with me a few years earlier, which we both booked out of the same room that we were waiting to go into for this Crest appointment. Ironic.

I read the copy. It was for Crest Whitening Strips and it was a direct comparison between Crest and Listerine Whitening Strips. Well, there is an obvious conflict there (kind of reminded me of the birth control disaster last week), but new media (internet) and commercials are not supposed to be in the same jurisdiction, so techinically it doesn't matter, but I can't imagine the client going for me. DRAT. After 1 hour of waiting and a thorough slate (close up on teeth, smile to the right, to the left, semi-closeup on teeth, to the right, to the left close mouth smile open mouth smile laugh.....on and on you get the idea), and letting my auditioning partner borrow an extra shirt I had since she was wearing white, I did the audition, knowing I was not booking the stupid job.

And for some reason....after all that running around with no good prospects of success...I was not upset. I was just totally and completely exhausted. Too exhausted to be upset. And after checking my voicemail remotely, every 45 minutes or so, until 8 last night, I now know that I have no auditions I am going to fix my food situation, kleenex too, and maybe start to put a dent in the grime.

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onehm said...

I'm tired just reading about your day!! Bummer about the jobs. Hope that you are feeling productive today! the slideshow at the bottom of your page!