Saturday, November 03, 2007

November Luck

As if Thursday's queue of fruitless auditions wasn't enough...

really the most unbelievable thing (besides the Les Miz show prospects and news that it's closing), is happening today. TO-DAY.

Earlier this week my agent called with a job possibility to stand-in for Alana De La Garza, for a beauty print ad that she is shooting on Saturday. I was totally up for it because, being a Saturday there are never conflicts and since there would be no go-see or babysitter required, the rate for a half-day shoot was even BETTER than normal. I booked it and all was well.

On Wednesday I had an audition to play one of two angels for a Philly Cream Cheese Commercial. I had little feeling as to how it went, but apparently it went well because I was called in for a callback, on SATURDAY (the caps indicate a horrifically loud and hysterical primal scream that echos throughout the land.) I called my print people to see if they could quickly book someone else as a stand-in, but apparently I am the exact same measurements and coloring as the Latina actress, and it was not an option to change it. Hopefully this means I will be getting a role on Law and Order AND a beauty campaign soon, since we are pretty much the same person.

My next question is WHY?

WHY in five years of working in this town is ANYTHING at ALL happening on Saturday? This is such a rarity.

WHY is the callback only one hour long? WHY is it SMACK DAB in the middle of my 4 hour day?

There are 24 hours on Saturday, WHY does my job and the callback have to be during 4 of the same hours...there are 20 others to choose from people! 20.


AND I am grateful, AND it's a good problem to have, AND I know I am blessed.




knittingirl said...

HOW is my question... how did it all work out?!

nowlze said...

because, kage! those are the rules:

if you want to guarantee work, you book something on a totally random day where you would normally never have anything going on (this will ensure that you get multiple jobs...on that same day). you book non-refundable tickets out of town, you have your best friends or family whom you haven't seen in years come and visit, you buy really expensive theater or concert tickets, you make a promise to someone you care about....the list goes on!

you wold be the perfect philadelphia cream cheese angel. i think somehow you will still be cast.