Friday, November 16, 2007

Quote of the Week

As told to me by my husband, as told to him by Big Sis' kindergarten teacher:

The kindergarten class is all together and in some context or another the word Graffiti comes up.

Child #1: What's Graffiti?
Child #2: I know! Graffiti is when crazy people write on the walls and stuff.

Big Sis: Excuse me! My mom is crazy, and she doesn't do graffiti.

Teacher: Oh no big sis, your mom isn't crazy.

Big Sis: Oh YES! She is! She is REALLY Crazy. CRAAAAAAAAAZY. But, she does NOT do graffiti.

And she's right, I don't do graffiti and I am crazy...but it takes a crazy person to know one.


Beth said...

That is really funny :)

Chloe said...


Elizabeth S said...


Laura said...

That IS so funny!

Natasha said...

Are you keeping a journal of all the FUNNY things Big and Lil Sis say? My mom did and it was the best gift ever! I have it now and we have good laughs over it!

Lisa said...

I want to tell everyone I know this story....especially the people who know Kage!

lainakay said...

That's a classic! I always wonder what my kids say about me when I'm not around!

SingerMamaMelody said...

SO funny! Thanks for sharing that!