Thursday, November 15, 2007

Third Person Thursday

Whenever she heard that address: 601 W 26th St., she groaned and rolled her eyes.

That particular address equaled the MOST out-of-the-way casting of all. Even going to Brooklyn or Jersey seemed easier than 601. 601 is located on 26th St. on the extreme west side of Manhattan. Subways only go to 8th ave., which means a 4 long-block walk down a street that in the winter is super icy chilly and in the summer, HOT HOT HOT. She always dreaded it when she heard that address.

On this particular day, it was a casting for her and her 5-year-old daughter, who halfway through the long walk announced she had to go to the bathroom.

The other dreaded thing about 601 is the wait for the elevator. Since she had worked there quite a bit, she knew that the front desk people sent those attending castings up one elevator, and those working, in another. Usually she was wise to this and requested to go in the faster, "working people" elevator, and usually she was permitted.

Since her daughter had to pee, she forgot about this and was quickly assigned to the "casting people" elevator. She was behind a family of twins and a family of triplets, all going to the same casting. It was going to be an elevator battle. She had to figure out a way to get on the elevator in such a way that she would be the first one off, fastest one down the hallway and first to sign in. Or she had to find a faster way up to the 14th floor.

There were two elevator banks. One went 8 through 16 and the other 1 through 8. 1-8 came first so she jumped on and took it to 8, then crossed over to wait for the 8-16. When it arrived, the twins and triplets were on, BUT she was able to squeeze in and thus be RIGHT by the door when it opened on 14, and she raced down the hall and signed in first. VICTORY. Life is an elevator war, and she JUST one a battle.

The casting was completely dead at the time of their arrival (with the twins and triplets close behind), so they were in and out in 27 seconds (literally), and they even hit the bathroom, made it downstairs, and bought drinks for the ride home all in the time it took those triplets to say cheese. It was TOTALLY worth it to win that battle, saved them a lot of time. It's the little things.


akdoxey said...

I didn't even have to "read more" because I totally agree. I HATE going there and it seems like most of Leah's casting calls are there. Plus, it's always these photographers that I really don't like, they have Polaroid cameras and could care less what Leah is doing. I always wonder if it's worth it, it hasn't been yet b/c she hasn't gotten one of those castings. Ugh.

nowlze said...

i HAAATE 601! the only slower elevator is in that building that is practically inside the lincoln tunnel--i think its 450 w 31st. serious drag.