Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Third Person Thursday.

Photo By Michael Wood
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As she went to get her gas card to fill up the tank, she realized that her debit card was missing. She wracked her brain...where did she last use it?

Container Store! The receipt was still in her wallet so she called the number as the guy filled up the tank, and there was no trace of it at the store. Dang.

She kept thinking and then realized that she had used it in the muni meter in Manhattan for $1.00. She knows it seems lames, but she is ALWAYS short on quarters, so whenever she can, she uses the debit card in those dumb things. She must not have retrieved it. Oh great....her debit card, lost in Manhattan.

She double checked the pockets of her coat and looked through her wallet...nope...gone.

She called her DH at work: "PLEASE call the bank and cancel my debit card, it's who-knows-where....and check to see if there were any charges after Container Store and the muni meter please." (Ok, so she probably didn't say please once, let alone twice). She imagined the crazy dude she saw circle the block 3 times while she waited for her daughter to get out of school, finding it and buying crazy crap...."OH! My lucky day!" the crazy dude would cackle when he found it.

This is like her 37th replacement card...Exagerrating.

She got home and hung up her coat and sighed. She put her hands in her pants pocket and pulled out her debit card.



Lizbeth said...

Hi Kage--your blog is so entertaining! Nice head shots by the way! I especially love that blue shirt that you're wearing in some of them...wherever did you get it, if you don't mind my asking?

Kage said...

lizbeth, the blue shirt is my favorite. It is a great color. I got it at Banana and paid way too much for's already pilling....but that could also be due to the fact that I wear it to pretty much every audition now.

Laura said...

I have been through this scenerio of panic and worry over my cards. I wish I wasn't so scatterbrained. Glad you found it! So frustrating. I have had a lot of replacement cards and never have I truly lost them.... they always turn up before the new one comes and then I have cancelled it.

Elizabeth S said...

How frustrating! I have done the same type of thing. Glad you found the card, though. Love the headshots. I think number 20 is my favorite, and I love all the ones "in pink".

knittingirl said...

Argh - dontcha hate when you think you lost something, only to find it later??!! Love the headshots too - number 20 is my fave as well although you look great in all of them - hate you!