Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Surprise #1

On Christmas Eve we hopped the E train and headed to the Radio City Music Hall. Once there we told the girls we were going to see the Rockettes. They had seen the Christmas Spectacular on TV, so they knew what that meant. There was a lot of screaming and squealing involved! It was completely magical as we watched our girls take it all in. One of our best parenting moments ever, as DH and I made eye contact over our giddy little girls. It was such a wonderful Christmas Eve.

I shed a tear when the angel of the Lord flew over the shepherds in the fields. The final scene was this one, which was just so beautiful and magical. The girls loved the live camels, sheep and donkey.

After the show we went to take some pictures by the GIANT tree at Rockefeller Center. This photo is my first hand at photoshopping. I do not have the original, but you will have to take my word that there was a guy dressed in a black coat and hat right behind big sis on the right, and the head of someone on the bottom left of the photo. POOF! Gone.

My cute DH and his cute new glasses, and me. We had such a fun Christmas Eve.


Rane said...

what a great night!!! love your bangs by the way. :)

marian said...

love DH's new glasses. Noticed them in the first pic, he looks great!

And congrats on the photoshopping. :-)

knittingirl said...

What a great Christmas Eve for your girls - the magic of your daughters' giddiness is the best part!

happy nanny said...

Hi Kristy! Great pics. If you want a little photoshop lesson I am happy to teach you!