Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Window

My cousin inspired me today.

He posted his outdoor Christmas Lights for all to see. And so I have posted mine here:

Our mutual other cousin's light display is really not to be reckoned with. People come to see it by bus...that's how popular it is. It's amazing...and I personally think he deserves more than $100 for his prize. Check out the equipment alone that goes into his display.

When I bought my five stars to put in my windows, I had high hopes for the amount of light they would put forth. I obviously have not come to terms with just how LARGE my windows are. These 5 little stars bring me so much joy. I love seeing them out there, the lone tribute to Christmas, with just one other balcony that I heard has lights, but I have yet to witness!

Tonight the girls and I went caroling. 5 couples we know live in a building nearby, so we spread our Christmas Cheer with carols and cards. Then we came home and caroled to our super and our neighbors. The girls scored cookies at 3 places...an unexpected surprise, and now they LOVE caroling! It was so much fun to do as our Family Home (Away) Evening tonight. We sang Jingle Bells and Silent Night, and by the last house, lil sis even got the "HEY!" in the right place. Super.


Eric said...

Boy, I'm glad to see you're representing the fam in the big city.

I mean how can your display be the only window with lights?? Crazy. Christmas means LIGHTS in my book!! (But I am often referred to as Mr. Griswold) ..and then the other decorated balcony is only to be rumored without an actual sighting, what a sad thing. I mean, I can see at least 6 houses decorated from my front door with tons more just around the corner. NYC needs to step it up!!

Anyway, good work in getting things started. :)

Kage said...

eric, in my old hood a lot of peops go all out. Like 4 blow-up santas and snowmen and neon nativities in a teeny tiny yard. And on the flip side of my building you can see two trees in windows and a few more place farther back in the apartments. On the front, where my window is there is a window with a wreath (no lights) and a few little Christmas moose (no lights), and the infamous balcony. The nearest shopping street does have quite a bit of lights, but that's it! Oh well, at least we have our little stars.