Thursday, December 27, 2007

Feature Film Debut

Well, if you don't count the extra work I did in Mona Lisa Smile, which I am sure I was not even remotely seen in....then this is my feature film debut!

My friend E-Dawg just reported that Lil Sis and I are in the film JUNO. Well, actually, the magazine, PARENTS is in the film, and we just happen to be on the cover. I am calling my lawyers right now to see what sort of residuals they can get me ; ) !


Britt said...

It's a great movie! Go check yourself out!

Shabby Mama said...

what did you do in Mona Lisa Smile??? I love that movie????


Kage said...

holly, just an extra during the train scene when Julia is arriving at the school. I was asked to do much more extra work but I had a family emergency and missed the rest of the filming. It was one of the most fun extra experiences I have had b/c we were all fitted with girdles and vintage clothes, all had our makeup done/checked to be period (red lips etc.), and had nylons with the seam down the back. They put a lot of detail into that movie. I had to do a fitting and there were just racks and racks and RACKS of clothes in an unused office was really cool.