Thursday, December 13, 2007

Festive Friday

We have finally been elfed.

There are two women bodies and two men bodies, and my DH ended up with a woman. Poor guy, he just can't catch a break!
Elf Dancers!

This week we visited the light show at Grand Central Station and the model train set at the Transit Museum Shop:

We made Cookies:

We got to wear special red lipstick in honor of a party we hosted last weekend:

We drew some festive pictures:

And we got new Christmas Jammies and House shoes! They say KISS ME!, and they totally fulfill my Lanz Nightgown needs:


Laura said...

So much fun! Where are the nightgowns from? I love Lanz too!

Gedde Adventures said...

You guys look like you are having fun all the time! It is so refreshing! I am running out of fun festive things to do with my kids because we had a huge snow storm and have been stuck in the house! I loved the paper mache turkey for Thanksgiving, and the drawings are priceless!

Lizbeth said...

I love their cute house shoes! I'd totally wear those myself.

LJ said...

Your girls are SO darling and look like they are having so much fun this holiday season! You sound like a pretty fun mommy. I think your girls will have an amazing life growing up in NYC!

bspeck said... the elfed! It is a crack-up that the husband's body is totally female!

onehm said...

So many fun things going on with you guys these days!!!
Love the girls jackets. Where did you find those?